Tamil Nadu: Father raped 13-year-old daughter for 10 months in Vellore, she got pregnant, accused arrested

In Vellore, father raped and made 13-year-old daughter pregnant.

In Tamil Nadu’s Vellore district, an incident that strained the father-daughter relationship has come to the fore.

There, a lust-hungry 44-year-old man made his own 13-year-old daughter pregnant by raping her several times in the last 10 months.

The incident came to light after the girl had a stomach ache in the school and the teachers got it checked. After that she gave birth to a son. On the complaint, the police arrested the accused.


The teenager was living with the father after the separation of the parents

Vellore Mahila Thana police said that the parents of the teenager separated eight years ago. After that the teenager and her brother lived with father and grandparents.

Police said that the accused father works as a welder in an industrial unit in Vellore itself. From November 2021, he started sexually abusing his daughter. Whenever the girl went to give her food, he used to rape her.

Accused father used to threaten daughter after rape

Police said that the accused was raping his daughter for the last 10 months. After every rape, he used to threaten his daughter with dire consequences, including death, if she did not tell anyone in this regard and complained.

Police said that the girl was completely scared and thought it appropriate to keep her mouth shut. Due to this, the courage of the accused increased further and he continued to rape.

How did the incident unfold?

Police said the teenager studies in class eight in a government school in the village and had gone to school on Wednesday. During that time she was admitted to Vellore Medical College Hospital, where she was confirmed to be pregnant after she experienced severe abdominal pain. After that she gave birth to a child.

Police said that during interrogation, the teenager told that her father was raping her for the last 10 months.

Police reached on the complaint of Child Welfare Committee

Police said that the hospital administration had informed the Child Welfare Committee about the incident. After that the committee lodged a complaint with the police. On this, the police arrested the accused father and produced him in the court, from where he was sent to jail.

Police said that a case has been registered against the accused under Section 376 (rape) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and Section 5 of the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation (POCSO) Act.

The accused should get the harshest punishment- Dr Sulekha

Dr Sulekha Begum, a psychologist and retired professor of psychology from a government medical college in Tamil Nadu, said that a father making his own daughter a victim of lust is a serious crime. A protector cannot be allowed to be a devourer.

He said that the police should ensure that the harshest punishment is given to him.

Here, the accused has also admitted to raping the daughter during interrogation.

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