Sonu Nigam filed complaint against accuser who pushed him in Chembur concert, said there should be consequence


Bollywood: Singer Sonu Nigam had a rough day yesterday at his Chembur concert as he was allegedly manhandled at the music event that was scheduled on Monday which is on February 20th. A video is going viral on the Internet that shows how the singer and his team were miss behaved by a group of goons who pushed them down the stage.

Immediately after the attack, Sonu Nigam was rushed to a nearby hospital. The singer has further filed an FIR under IPC sections 323 (punishment for voluntarily causing hurt), 341 (wrongful restraint), and 337 (causing hurt by an act endangering the life or personal safety of others), the police informed in a statement.

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Sonu Nigam Attacker in Chembur concert

It was further revealed in an interview that this incident happened when Sonu Nigam was heading down from the stage and suddenly a man grabbed him. The man further had a brief argument during which he pushed Nigam as well as his two men on the steps leading to injuries. One of the two men has developed serious injuries and is being treated.

Later it was found out that the accuser was son of a local Maharashtra MLA who is associated with political party Shivsena. The accuser’s name is Swapnil Phaterpekar son of Prakash Phaterpekar.

Sonu Nigam Statement

Sonu Nigam himself was seen quoting about the incident in which he said “As the concert came to an end, I was heading down from the stage when a man named Swapnil Prakash Phaterpekar stopped me. Then he pushed Hari and Rabbani, who wanted to save me. Then I fell on the steps. Rabbani (the injured one who was helping out Sonu) could have died today if some iron rods were lying down. He was pushed in such a way, as you could see in the video. Even I was about to fall,”. He further informed that he has lodged a complaint as he felt that there should be consequences for such unruly behaviour. ” I filed a complaint so that people should think about forcefully taking selfies & causing scuffle,”.

MLA Phaterpekar on Sonu Nigam attack

MLA Phaterpekar, father of accuser partially denied to the allegations and said that he was “pushed by mistake”. He also said “Nothing happened with Sonu Nigam,”. Further, he said that his son had apologized to Abhi Mujme Kahi singer.