Sonali Phogat Last Song: Sonali Phogat’s last song went viral – Chhori Ka Naam Chale Haryana Mein…

Sonali Phogat Last Song: Sonali Phogat may be no longer in this world, but she will always rule the hearts of her fans. Recently a song by Sonali Phogat ‘Chauri Ka Naam’ has been released. This is his last song, this song has been released on YouTube.

In the song, Sonali Phogat is seen saying Na aam maaniye chauri ka naam chale haryana mein. So far 1,156,117 people have seen this song. Seeing the song, you will also feel that Sonali is probably back.

At the end of the video, a tribute has been given to Sonali Phogat. In which it is written, “His name used to go on and will continue… God rest his soul and give him justice…” which is Sonali Phogat Last Song? Sonali Phogat Last Song is chhori ka naam chale.

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