Sonali Phogat had seen Sudheer’s letter in front of the director 20 days back, talking about blackmail

Now a director with a shocking revelation in the Sonali Phogat murder case. Filmmaker and producer Mohammad Akram Ansari, a native of UP’s Sitapur, spoke to the actress 20 days before Sonali Phogat’s death. Akram said in an interview that he had spoken to Sonali 20 days before her death. Sonali Phogat was called by Mohammad Akram to work on 12 events where she was to sign a contract worth around 1.5 crores. But Sonali had clearly told her not to pay Sudhir.

Director reveals about Sonali Phogat and Sudhir
In an interview with ‘Dainik Bhaskari’, Mohammad Akram Ansari made many revelations and said a lot about Sonali Phogat’s PA and blamed Sudhir Sangwan. Akram Ansari says that Sonali told him over the phone that Sudhir has some evidence and that is why he is blackmailing her. Sudhir Sangwan looked after all Sonali’s work. He used to take all their decisions. Akram said that 20 days before Sonali Phogat’s death, when he spoke to Sonali on Sudhir’s phone, he told Sudhir in front of him to do as he says. But after a while, while sitting next to him, he talked about something else.

Sonali Phogat had said that I am depressed because of Sudhir
According to Mohammad Akram, Sonali Phogat came over and told Sudhir over the phone that she was depressed and very upset. Sonali Phogat had told Sudhir that he should not pay the money for the work related contract otherwise he would never get it. Mohammad Akram said that after taking Sudhir’s number, Sonali Phogat asked to meet him and meet him.

Sonali had confessed about her relationship with Sudhir
Mohammad Akram was also worried that whenever he called Sonali Phogat, Sudhir would pick up his phone. When Sonali was asked the reason for this, the actress said that humans make certain mistakes and he keeps making more mistakes to cover it up. Sonali also admitted about her relationship with Sudhir in her conversation with Mohammad Akram. Sonali had said that initially everything was good between her and Sudhir, but now the relationship is not so good.

Sudhir used to blackmail Sonali Phogat
Sonali Phogat at the same time told Mohammad Akram that she was depressed because of Sudhir. Sudhir’s eyes are on property. Sonali tells Akram to never talk to Sudhir and not to pay the contract money. Mohammad Akram said that Sudhir somehow agreed to a work agreement with Sonali and later called him to Delhi or Hisar to sign the agreement. But one day Sudhir came to Hisar without informing Sonali and later called Mohammad Akram and asked for a contract. Mohammad Akram says that Sudhir started pressurizing him to transfer money online. But Mohammad Akram refused, saying he would not do it without meeting Sonali Phogat and explaining the job.

Sonali Phogat died on August 23 in Goa
Sonali Phogat died on August 23 in Goa. The cause of death was initially said to be heart attack. But the family feared that Sonali Phogat had been murdered after the post-mortem report revealed severe injuries on her body. The family suspects Sudhir Sangwan and Sonali’s friend Sukhwinder. Sukhwinder and Sudhir Sangwan were arrested by the police. During interrogation, he admitted that he had forcibly given drugs to Sonali. Sonali Phogat’s first meeting with Sudhir was before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

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