Shrikant Tyagi abusing women case: BJP leader Shrikant Tyagi arrested by police this morning

BJP leader Shrikant Tyagi, who showed bullying in Noida, has been arrested

BJP leader Shrikant Tyagi has been arrested for indecently and abusing a woman on camera in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

He was absconding after the video of the incident went viral last week and was arrested from Meerut today.

Tyagi has claimed to be a member of the BJP Kisan Morcha national executive on social media and has photographs with top BJP leaders.


In which case was Tyagi arrested?

Shrikant Tyagi is accused of assault and abusing a woman at Grand Omaxe Society in Noida.

Tyagi had planted a date palm tree in the society’s park and the woman was asking to remove it. Last week, there was an altercation between the two regarding this in which the woman also raised questions on illegal construction of Tyagi.

After this, not only did Tyagi abuse the woman, but also beat her up.

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