Shah Rukh pleads, begs Sameer Wankhede for help in emotional chat

Shah Rukh Khan's chat with Sameer Wankhede go viral. Photo credit: Google
  • Shahrukh Khan pleads with Sameer Wankhede to help keep his son out of jail in an emotional chat.
  • Shahrukh Khan considers the incident a turning point in Aryan’s life and expresses gratitude to Sameer for his support.
  • Shahrukh Khan expresses deep concern for his son’s well-being, fearing the impact of jail on Aryan’s mental state.

Actor Shahrukh Khan had a very tough time when his son Aryan Khan was arrested in drugs-on-cruise case in 2021. As a father, he felt very helpless that Aryan had to spend his Nights in the jail. Now, alleged chats between him and Sameer Wankhede have surface online. He was the former zonal director of Mumbai Narcotics Control Bureau. It can be seen that the actor is begging him to help get his son back home.


Screenshots of chat between both were published in a report. Where he said i beg you please don’t let Aryan be in jail. Shahrukh Khan constantly tried to speak to him and asked for a minute’s call. He said “Sameer sahib may I speak with you for a minute please”. The actor also said that it might look inappropriate to reach out like this and maybe outright wrong. But still wanted to talk to him as a farther and nothing more. He pleaded several times to talk on a call. These were the first words that he said in chat that are surfacing on the internet. However, their seems no reply from Sameer when referred to the screenshots.

Shah Rukh Khan calls this incident turning point

Further in next chat, Shahrukh Khan thanks Sameer for his thoughts and personal insights he has been giving to him. He then promised him that Aryan would you turn out to be someone he and Sameer are proud of. And that this incident will surely be a turning point in Aryan’s life, that too in a good way. Moreover, he said that the country needs hardworking young people to take it forward. In another chat, he reveals how Sameer said that he thinks of Aryan as his own. And wants to make him into a better person.

Chat screenshots

It can be seen in a chat that Shahrukh Khan is pleading Sameer to be kind to Aryan and says “You are a good man. Please be kind to him today I request. Love SRK”. To which Sameer replied and said “Of course don’t worry”. The actor further tells to Sameer that “I have to come to you personally whenever you say and give you a hug”. And continues to say “I have always had the highest regard for your uprightness and now it has increased manifolds.” Sameer says that he’ll catch up with him once this is over soon.

Shahrukh Khan says son will break as a human being

The chat continues, the actor asks Sameer to help him in any possible way without losing his integrity as an officer of law. He also says that he will always be indebted to him. Shah Rukh says “We are a simple set of people and my son has been a bit wayward but he doesn’t deserve being in a jail like a hardened criminal. You also know that. Please have a heart man please I beg you”. He also says that his son will break as a human being and he may come out completely battered and broken. And asks him not to let him be in that jail. Further he says “I promise you I will follow this on my own and get this person dealt with in the way he deserves. I promise just please be kind today. Bless you man”.