Rs 1 Crore reward announced by Muslim group if proved this in ‘The Kerala Story’ film, know what

A Muslim group in Kerala has stated that if anyone who can prove the existence of “Love Jihad”, a controversial term used to describe attempts by Muslim men to lure non-Muslim women into marriage and that 32,000 women have been converted, he/she will be rewarded Rs 1.11 crore. The action comes after a state court asked the organization to present evidence to support its claims, which have been widely criticized by human rights groups as baseless and discriminatory.

The Kerala story has been the subject of controversy for years as the term “love jihad” has become a political buzzword in India. However, opponents claim it is nothing but myth spread by Hindu nationalist groups to demonize the country’s Muslim minority. As the issue was getting international attention, several states in India have passed laws against forced conversions and interreligious marriages. Kerala is not among them.

The Islamic group, as per media reports is Kerala State Committee of Muslim Youth League, has a condition to give away the reward money. Evidence must be provided at collection centres which will open in every district from 4 may onwards. There is no restriction on who gives the information. Controversies have been raised over a dialogue of 32,000 women converted to Islam and fled to Syria.