Raj Kundra wants to be proved innocent in the pornography case, reached out to CBI

Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty’s husband Raj Kundra has now approached the Central Bureau of Investigation CBI regarding the p*rnography case from a year ago and wants to claim his innocence as he was arrested for it. Raj Kundra reached Twitter again to share that its just a matter of time and wrote ““A handful of corrupt individuals spoil the name of the whole organisation. It’s just a matter of the time now! #CBI #Enquiry #mediatrial #truth #corruption.”.

Before this when he was given bail after 1 year over the same case, he wrote on Twitter, “One Year Today released from #ArthurRoad Its a matter of time Justice will be served! The truth will be out soon! Thank you well-wishers and a bigger thank you to the trollers you make me stronger (folded hands emoji).” His posts also came with hashtags–enquiry, word, media trial and trollers.

According to Midday’s report, Raj Kundra claimed that “high-ranking officials of the Mumbai Criminal Investigation Agency” had framed the case. He requested an investigation into the incident. Reportedly, Raj said in a letter: “I was silent for a year. Torn in a press trial, he spent 63 days in Arthur Rhodes Jail. I seek justice from the courts I will know and humbly request an investigation of these officers.”

Raj had previously filed an application with Mumbai’s Magistrates’ Court requesting that he be released from the case. According to PTI, police found no evidence that Raj benefited financially or of any other kind from the alleged crime, and prosecutors said they had no intention of committing a crime against him. Raj Kundra was arrested in July 2021 and released on bail after more than two months.

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