Rahul Gandhi: People are upset, but the government is spending billions of rupees for this

Former president of congress Rahul Gandhi He lashed out at the central government for rejecting the issue of inflation by the ruling party in Parliament. He alleged that the people of the country are upset, but the government is burning billions of rupees to shine the image of an ‘arrogant king’. He also said that the ‘dictatorial’ government wants everything to be believed, but it is not going to happen as the Congress will keep fighting against it.

Congress is the voice of the general public

Addressing the public, Rahul Gandhi said in a Facebook post, “Don’t consider yourself alone, Congress is your voice, and you are the strength of Congress. We have to fight with every decree of the dictator, every attempt to suppress the voice of the people. For you, I and the Congress party have been fighting, and will fight even further. is falling on.

Answer was sought regarding inflation in monsoon session

The Congress leader said, in this monsoon session of Parliament, we were trying to ask the government to answer the questions of the people, but you all saw how the government suspended the people of the opposition, got us arrested for protesting, the House Got adjourned, and even when the discussion took place yesterday, the government clearly said that ‘there is no problem like inflation’!

Inflation and ‘Gabbar Singh Tax’ attacking common man

He claimed, “The country is battling an epidemic of unemployment, crores of families are left with no means of stable income, but the government is spending billions of rupees just to polish the image of an ‘arrogant king’.” Said, inflation and ‘Gabbar Singh Tax’ is a direct attack on the income of the common man. Today’s reality is that the common man is struggling not for his dreams but for the bread of 2 times.

We will neither be afraid nor will we allow them to be intimidated: Rahul Gandhi

He said, this government wants you to accept everything the dictator says without questioning. I assure you all, there is no need to fear them and suffer dictatorship. They are cowards, afraid of your strength and unity, so they are constantly attacking them. If you face them unitedly, they will be scared. The Congress leader said, I have a promise to you, we will neither be afraid nor let them intimidate.

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