PM Modi handed over the responsibility of banning PFI to NSA Ajit Doval? action start

For the last few months, an atmosphere of hatred is being created between the two communities in the country. The name of the Muslim fundamentalist organization Popular Front of India (PFI) has come up in these incidents. This organization is running suspicious activities across the country. Recently, two suspected terrorists have been caught in Bihar. From whose documents the conspiracy to make India an Islamic nation has been exposed. After this the demand for banning PFI has intensified. PM Modi has now entrusted the responsibility of this work to his most trusted officer.

Responsibility entrusted to NSA Doval

Whenever any challenge arises in front of Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding the security of the country, he first remembers NSA Ajit Doval. After the removal of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, the responsibility of establishing peace there was also on the shoulders of Doval and he has shown it very well. Now Prime Minister Modi has entrusted the responsibility of eliminating PFI to NSA Doval. Doval has also started working to bridge the Hindu-Muslim gap.

Doval will end Hindu-Muslim distance

Doval will work to bridge the gap that has arisen between Hindus and Muslims in the country in recent months. For this, Doval organized an inter-religious meeting in Delhi. In the meeting, he said that some elements are trying to create such an environment which is hindering the progress of the country. He said that condemnation is not enough and there is a need to work against radical forces including Popular Front of India and others. During this, Muslim leaders demanded a ban on PFI.

Muslim leaders demand ban

Religious leaders of different religions participated in the inter-religious meeting chaired by NSA Doval. Muslim leaders present in the meeting demanded a ban on PFI. An 8-point resolution was passed in this meeting. In one of the 8-point resolutions, it has also been said to ban PFI. The resolution said that PFI and other similar organizations, which are indulging in anti-national activities, which are furthering a divisive agenda and creating discord among our citizens, should be banned and in accordance with the law of the land. Accordingly, action should be initiated against them.

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