Nitish Kumar’s big statement about PM Modi, said need to worry about 2024 elections

Nitish Kumar targeted PM Modi

Nitish Kumar has become the Chief Minister of Bihar for the eighth time. Talking to reporters after the swearing-in ceremony, Nitish hit out at Prime Minister Modi and said that Narendra Modi had won in 2014, but now he should worry about 2024.

On this occasion, he also appealed to the opposition to unite.

It is noteworthy that Nitish left the BJP and formed a grand alliance government with the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD).


What did Nitish say on the statement of the BJP government falling?

After Nitish joined hands with RJD, BJP had said that this government will not last long and will fall soon. Responding to this, Nitish said that the new government of Bihar will do well.

He said, “They are saying whether I will survive till 2024 or not, they can say anything they want, but I am not living in the year 2014.”

What was said on the claim for the post of Prime Minister?

Since breaking ties with the BJP, speculations are rife that Nitish Kumar may be the prime ministerial candidate from the opposition in the 2024 general elections.

When journalists asked him a question related to this, Nitish said that he is not a candidate for the post of Prime Minister and there is no such intention.

He said that the question should be asked whether the person who came in 2014, will he win in 2024?

Nitish had resigned from the post of Chief Minister on Tuesday

Nitish Kumar on Tuesday decided to break the alliance with the BJP after meeting with party leaders and resigned from the chief minister’s post at around 4 pm. He said that there were many problems with the BJP. So they have decided to separate.

After this he met RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav and later reached the Raj Bhavan and staked claim to form the government. Tejashwi has become the Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar.


Nitish wants to sit on the post of Prime Minister

Nitish Kumar’s ambition to become the Prime Minister is very old and it has been his dream to occupy the most powerful post of the country.

In political circles, he is also called ‘Prime Minister Material’ and for this all his qualities are counted.

Nitish has an image of a clean and anti-corruption leader and there is no corruption charge against him so far. Being a good administrator, he is also called ‘Sushasan Babu’.

Nitish’s ambition got life

Nitish, who had been in alliance with the BJP for the last five years, returned to the opposition after his prime ministerial ambitions got revived.

Only Narendra Modi can be the prime minister’s face from the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA), but the opposition needs a face that can compete with Modi.

Nitish could be that face and his history gives a hallmark of it.

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