Mumbaikars ordered 570 times more condoms online, you’ll be shocked to know orders coming in at Swiggy Instamart

Orders on Swiggy Instamart: Quick commerce platform Swiggy Instamart delivered 50 million eggs in the last two years. Bengaluru, Delhi and Mumbai saw the highest number of egg orders between June 21 and June 22. An average of 6 million eggs were ordered from these three cities.

According to the survey, Mumbai users “ordered 570 times more condoms in the last 12 months than in the previous year”. In particular, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi and Chennai saw the largest orders for distressed items such as sanitary napkins, menstrual cups, tampons (approximately 2 million orders in 2021) and bandages (approximately 45,000 boxes ordered last year). ,

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