MiG-21 Crash: ‘As long as the sun remains the moon will be the name of a unique force’

Bharat Mata Ki Jai… Bharat Mata Ki Jai… Resonated with the slogans of Unique Force Zindabad… Lt. A village full of unparalleled force. As soon as his body draped in the tricolor reached his village, thousands of people with tears in their eyes reached their last darshan. Everyone’s eyes were moist for the unique, every heart was empty. Everyone was stunned after hearing the cries of the family members. Two pilots were martyred in the accident on Thursday. As soon as the news of the incident was received, there was mourning in Jindar Mehlu village of RS Pura of Unique. The news of the son’s death made it difficult to handle the distraught mother Praveen Bal.

The mourning mother kept saying ‘my child is gone, I can’t even live’. Other members of the family are also in bad condition. Harshit Bal is the younger brother of Unique Bal, an engineer. Grandfather and grandmother are saddened by this accident taking the picture of the grandson in their hands.

He told that July 16 was the birthday of the unique force. There was talk on that day also and asked to come on leave in the first week of August, but God had something else approved. Unique enrolled in class six in Sainik School, Nagrota. After completing his studies, he passed the NDA exam in the year 2014 and became a unique flying officer in the year 2018.

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