Lady Gaga is going to play Harley Quinn in Hollywood film ‘Joker 2’

Lady Gaga to star in ‘Joker 2’

The audience has been waiting for the sequel of the famous Hollywood film ‘Joker’ for a long time. Now the makers have announced the release date of the film. With this, another special news has come out.

There was buzz that the makers are in talks with Lady Gaga for the film. Now Lady Gaga herself has confirmed that she will be seen in the film.

She will play Harley Quinn opposite Walkin Phoenix in the film.

Lady Gaga to play Harley Quinn

Lady Gaga made the news with a musical teaser on Thursday. She will be seen as Harley Quinn in the film.

The makers of the film have not yet revealed much about the character. According to media reports, Quinn is the Joker’s psychiatrist who falls in love with him.

By becoming his companion, she also supports him in committing the crime. However, the relationship between the two is not smooth.

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Harley Quinn is a popular character from DC Comics. This character has often proved lucky for the producer company Warner Bros. Prior to this, Margot Robbie has played this character in the films ‘Suicide Squad’, ‘Birds of Prey’ and 2021’s ‘The Suicide Squad’.

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Lady Gaga shares musical teaser

‘Joker 2’ to release exactly five years after ‘Joker’

It is reported that ‘Joker 2’ will be a musical film. The film will release on October 4, 2024.

Joker was released exactly five years before this on October 4, 2019.

Earlier this film was going to be a standalone film. That is, there was no intention of making a sequel to it. However, considering its huge success, two Oscar awards and 11 nominations, a sequel has been planned.

‘Joker’ was covered all over the world

Todd Phillips’s film Joker was released in 2019. The film is the story of a clown who is under stress due to constant persecution from the society. This tension eventually turns him into a killer.

This story of a simple comedian becoming a villain touched the hearts of the people.

Actor Walkin Phoenix won an Oscar for his portrayal of Arthur Fleck (Joker) in the film.

Lady Gaga is crazy all over the world

Lady Gaga is a famous American singer, songwriter, performer and actress whose passion is worldwide.

His songs like ‘Poker Face’, ‘Shallow’ and ‘I Will Always Remember Us’ are very popular.

Lady appeared in the film ‘A Star Is Born’ with Bradley Cooper. He also got an Oscar for the song ‘Shallow’ in this film.

Lady was also given a Golden Globe, Grammy and BAFTA Award for Shallow.

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