Know which smartphones will get 5G service, do you have these bands in your phone?

New Delhi : The auction for 5G spectrum is over in India. Many big telecom companies of India participated in this spectrum auction. In this bidding process that lasted for seven consecutive days, till the seventh day, spectrum worth more than Rs 1.5 lakh crore was bid. By the end of the auction, a total of Rs 1,50,173 crore spectrum has been sold. Reliance Jio got the maximum spectrum in this entire auction process. Jio currently has the most bands of 5G. Jio has spectrum in 700mHz, 800mHz, 1800mHz, 3300mHz, and 26GHz bands. Jio company has got the support of these 5G spectrum for 20 years by spending Rs 88,078 crore.

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  • How to Check 5G Bands?

what is 5G network?

5G is the fifth generation mobile network. It is a new global wireless standard after 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G networks. This technology mainly works on 3 bands – high, medium and low frequency bands. It enables a new type of network through which almost everything, including machines, objects and equipment, can be connected together.

Smartphones will get 5G support on these bands

The bands on which 5G support is available in smartphones start with the N-series. If we look at these bands, then N28, N5, N3, N77 and N258 bands have been included in this. Reliance Jio is the largest company to buy 5g spectrum, so it has bought its spectrum in all these bands. The company has secured 5G spectrum in all 22 circles. This includes low-band, mid-band and mmWave spectrum. The 5 bands in which Jio has bought spectrum are 700MHz, 800MHz, 1800MHz, 3300MHz and 26GHz. In this, Pan India 5G service will be available in 700MHz i.e. N28 band.

Who will get 5G connectivity?

For 5G connectivity, your smartphone will include N28, N5, N3, N77 and N258 or bands of 700MHz, 800MHz, 1800MHz, 3300MHz and 26GHz, only then you will get Jio 5G service. For example, the iQOO 9T smartphone has been launched in India this week. This smartphone supports 1, 3, 5, 8, n28, n40, n41, n77, n78 bands. That is, your Jio 5G will work in this.

How to Check 5G Bands?

You can also check it on your phone. First of all go to the official website of your smartphone brand. Check the model of your phone there, now for that model Specification check. Now you have to go to the connectivity option, now you will get a list of bands in front of you, from there you can check 5G bands.

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