Kim Kardashian-Pet Davidson part ways after nine months of relationship

Kim Kardashian and Pat Davidson split

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian is once again in discussion about her relationship. It is rumored that Kim and her boyfriend Pat Davidson have parted ways.

Both were dating each other for about nine months. Kim announced her relationship on Instagram in March this year.

Meanwhile, both of them participated in many events together. The pictures of both of them also went viral on social media.

Kim and Pete will remain friends

According to media reports, Kim and David are separating due to long distance, busy work and not giving time to each other. Both say that even after ending the relationship, both will remain friends.

Kim and Pete may have started dating in 2021, but the two have known each other for a long time.

Pete publicly called Kim his girlfriend in a People magazine interview for the first time.


Relationships were discussed even before each other

Both Kim and Pet remain in the headlines for their personal lives. In 2021, Kim divorced husband Kanye West after six years of marriage. Kanye is a famous rapper. Kim and Kanye have four children. They have two sons and two daughters.

Before Kim, Pete has dated many actresses. He has dated actresses and models like Phoebe Denver, Kay Gerber, Margaret Kali.

kim kardashian

Kim is a TV star and travel businesswoman

Kim is a famous TV and social media star as well as a successful businesswoman. In 2021, Kim made her place in Forbes’ list of the world’s richest billionaires.

Then she was the owner of a property of about $ 74 billion according to the Indian currency.

She is the owner of successful brands named KKW Beauty, Skims. These brands earn billions.

Apart from these, Kim earns a lot of money from advertisements.

Pat Davidson

Pete Davidson is a popular comedian

Pete Davidson is a famous American comedian. He became very popular with the comedy series ‘Saturday Nine Live’ (SNL).

In 2015, he received critical acclaim for ‘Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber’.

Pete often targets himself in his comedy. His style is liked by the audience and the audience can connect themselves with them.

Pete has appeared in many TV shows including Hollywood films like ‘The School Time Adolescence’, ‘The Suicide Squad’.

Outfable Bytes

In 2016, Kim arrived at Paris Fashion Week with her mother and sisters. Two masked men in police uniform arrived at his hotel room and robbed him at gunpoint. In this incident, he also took Kim’s engagement ring.

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