Karnataka: Woman throws her 4-year-old daughter from 4th floor in Bengaluru, baby died, know reason

Woman throws daughter down from fourth floor in Bangalore.

A sensational case of killing her four-year-old innocent daughter by throwing her from the fourth floor of a woman’s apartment in Karnataka’s capital Bengaluru has come to light.

The police reached the information, took the dead body of the innocent to the hospital and handed it over to the father after the post-mortem. Apart from this, the police has also arrested the woman.

A CCTV footage of this incident has also surfaced, which is going viral on social media.

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Watch the CCTV footage of the incident here


Karnataka: Mother throws her own child to death from 5th floor of her apartment at SR Nagar Bengaluru and than sat on raling till residents pulled her down. pic.twitter.com/EQ0FzAsdSc

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woman throws the innocent down from the balcony

Senior police officer Srinivas Gowda said that Sushma Bhardwaj, who lived on the fourth floor of Advaita Ashraya Apartment in CKC Garden of Sampangiramnagar police station area of Bengaluru, threw her four-year-old innocent daughter down from the balcony on Thursday. Due to this the innocent died on the spot.

He told that after throwing the daughter, Sushma had climbed the railing of the balcony with the intention of committing suicide, but then the relatives dragged her down.

Why did the woman take this dreadful step?

Gowda told that Sushma is a dentist and her husband is a software engineer. They had only one daughter, but she was unable to speak and hear. Sushma used to be very tense about this. In such a situation, she killed his daughter by throwing her from the fourth floor.

He told that Sushma believed that her daughter’s speech and hearing inability could prove to be a major obstacle in her career progress.

Police arrested the woman on the basis of CCTV footage

Gowda said that when the police reached the information of the incident, they checked the footage of CCTV cameras installed nearby, it came to the fore that Sushma was throwing her daughter down from the balcony.

After seeing this, her husband filed a case of murder. On this the police arrested him.

He said that the police is also looking into all aspects regarding Sushma’s mental health. After that further action will be taken.

Sushma had earlier tried to drop her daughter at the railway station

Gowda said that the investigation revealed that Sushma was very upset with her daughter’s incompetence. She had earlier also tried to drop her daughter unattended at the city’s railway station, but was later traced by the family members.

On Thursday, she threw her daughter down from the fourth floor while roaming in the balcony. She died on the spot due to head injury.

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