Kantara thaikkudam bridge court case, know what is the status now

Regarding the copyright dispute over the song “Varaharoopam” from the Kannada superhit movie “Kantara”, the Kerala High Court on Friday said the order upholds that of the Kozhikode District Court. The producers will not be resurrecting previous interim injunctions passed by local courts against the use of songs in the film.

Judge P Somarajan said the fact that a moratorium on the District Court’s order returning the plaintiffs was ordered would not mean that all previous orders passed in that case were reinstated by the High Court.

The High Court passed the clarification today after lawyers for Hombale Films advocate Santhosh Mathew, who appeared on a warning, brought the matter to urgency.

Yesterday, the High Court suspended the Kozhikode District Court’s order to return a complaint filed by Thaikkudam Bridge against the filmmaker for lack of jurisdiction.

Judge P Somarajan’s single tribunal upheld the district court’s order until December 8, issuing notices to Hombale Films, director Rishabh Shetty, music director BL Ajaneesh, the film’s Kerala distributor Prithviraj Films LLP, and streaming platforms Amazon, JioSaavn and Spotify. issued. First appeal filed by Tay Kudam Bridge.

The Kozhikode Court granted the objection that Hombale Films should submit the suit to the commercial court and returned the plaintiff. A court previously passed a unilateral injunction against the use of the song “Varaharoopam” in the film.

However, on 2 November, another court in Kerala, Palakkad District Court, passed an interim injunction against the use of the song “Varaharoopam”. The second order was upheld in a lawsuit filed by Matsuru Bumi Printing Publishing House (MPPCL), which claims to be the copyright holder of the song ‘Navarasam’, which is the subject of a plagiarism controversy.

Recently, the High Court of Kerala dismissed Hombale Films’ petition for an injunction by the District Court that appeal relief under the Code of Civil Procedure should be exhausted.

Thaikkudam Bridge was appealed to the High Court by Advocates C Unnikrishnan, Ananda Padmanabhan, Uthara AS, Vijayakrishan S Menon, Nidhi Balachandran and Vivek Nair P.

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