International brand is selling ‘Dada Ji’s Nikkar’ in the name of fashion, has unbelievable price

Twitter user shared screenshot

A user named Arshad Waheedo shared two screenshots on Twitter. It has one of shorts. These shorts are similar to those worn by elders in villages. Usually it is ready between Rs 70-100, but you will be blown away after hearing its online price. According to the screenshot, the price of this shorts of Kobe company is Rs 15000.

11 thousand second short price

Apart from this, the price of another short has also been shared by the user. In it, the model is wearing a simple shirt with shorts. This is also from Kobe company and its online price is Rs 11,450. Although he did not give the name of the website on which it is being sold, but people are sharing it fast.

people gave such reaction

One user wrote that saw the greatness of Dada Ji’s Chaddha, he also failed Sabyasachi and H&M. Another person wrote that we have many precious things, but we do not understand its value. Now companies in big cities and abroad are understanding its value, that is why all these are being sold at expensive prices.

Basmati sack worth Rs 1100

Some time ago a woman named Nurahan had put a post on social media. It was told in that post that an empty sack of Royal Basmati rice is being sold for $ 15. According to India, it will be more than 1100 rupees. Norahan wrote that I cannot believe that this sack is being sold so expensive.

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