Instagram Remove old verification Badge Support pages after paid blue tick announcement

Meta: CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the new Paid service on Instagram stating that the service allows users to verify their accounts with a government ID and get a blue Tick next to the profile name. It also offers extra impersonation protection against fake accounts that claim to be the user and provides direct access to customer support. He further added that the new feature is aimed at increasing authenticity and security across their services.

Just after announcement of Meta’s new paid verification service, Instagram has reportedly taken down its support pages that were previously available to provide information on how to obtain a blue badge. These pages are no longer available on Instagram’s help centre. This is clear indication that Blue Badge is official going to be paid service and no more status symbol this is one of the best decision even made for safe social media.

Earlier Having a blue badge on social media was once seen as a symbol of status and credibility, reserved for public figures, celebrities, and brands. However, this exclusivity led to a rise in fake and black-market verification services promising to help users get verified for a fee. The launch of Meta Verified by Meta is set to change the industry, by providing a paid subscription service that allows any user to get verified with a government ID, making the blue badge more accessible and transparent. This could potentially reduce the demand for fake and black-market verification services, increasing overall authenticity and credibility of social media.

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