India questions to UAE, how did monkeypox infected person get permission to travel?

India sought response from UAE on allowing the infected youth to travel.

The government has raised concerns of medical experts after the infection of a 22-year-old youth who died with possible symptoms of monkeypox in Kerala’s Thrissur on Saturday was confirmed.

The great thing is that the infection of the young man was also confirmed in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

In such a situation, now the government has asked the UAE officials that how was the young man allowed to travel even after the infection was confirmed?


The youth had returned from UAE on July 22
According to the Health Department, the youth, working in Ras Al-Khaimah, UAE, reached Kozhikode airport on July 22 and went straight home.

On July 26, he got treatment at the local hospital after he developed fever. After that he was isolated, but on Saturday he succumbed to the treatment.

Doctors told that he had symptoms like monkeypox. Initially, there were no red rashes on his body, but later it appeared.

Investigation confirmed to be infected with monkeypox
After the death of the youth, his sample was sent to the National Institute of Virology (NIV) in Alappuzha. His infection was confirmed on Monday.

It also came to light that he was also found infected in the investigation conducted in UAE.

Kerala Health Minister Veena George said the youth did not have typical symptoms of monkeypox. Even after this he has been found infected. In such a situation, a high-level inquiry will be conducted to know the cause of death.

Government seeks response from UAE
An official with knowledge of the matter The Indian Express “We have asked the authorities in that country (UAE) why the young man was allowed to board the flight despite testing positive for monkeypox. We are screening everyone at our airports and we are in other countries.” Expect the same from me.”

“The youth had already been infected before he traveled to India,” he said.

The young man did not give correct information even after reaching India
The officer said, “We are continuously making people aware. Even after reaching Kerala, the young man did not inform anyone about himself being infected. He reached the hospital when his condition worsened.”

He said, “The youth was out for five days before being admitted to the hospital. He has been found infected with monkeypox in the investigation done at the NIV. Now it is necessary to trace the people who came in contact with him.”

Number of monkeypox infected in India is seven
So far, seven cases of monkeypox have been reported in India, of which five have been found in Kerala and two in Delhi. The infected from Kerala had returned from the UAE.

The first patient of monkeypox in the country has fully recovered and one has died. Similarly, the first infected found in Delhi has also been cured.

The seventh case of the country has come to the fore in Malappuram, Kerala on Monday. The infection has been confirmed in a 30-year-old man there.

What is monkeypox?
Monkeypox is a zoonotic disease. This disease is caused by infection with monkeypox virus which comes from the orthopoxvirus genus of the family Poxviridae.

The Orthopoxvirus genus also includes the viruses that cause smallpox and cowpox.

In 1958, this virus was revealed in the settlements of monkeys prepared for research and it was found to cause a disease like pox.

Guidelines issued in Bangalore
Amidst the spread of monkeypox, guidelines related to this have been issued in Bangalore. In this, provision has been made for screening at airports, bus stands and railway stations. Apart from this, instructions have been given to keep monkeypox infected in isolation for 21 days.

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