Hunt movie review sudheer babu: Did it meet the expectations?

Sudheer Babu, a talented young actor from Tollywood, has now come up with the action thriller Hunt. Directed by Mahesh, the film features Srikanth Meka and Bharath Niwas in other important roles. This movie hit our screens today and let’s see how it goes.


Assistant Chief of Police Arjun Prasad (Sudheer Babu) gets into a brutal accident where he loses his memory. Before the accident he is going to investigate the murder of his friend and ACP Aryan Dev (Bharat Niwas). After the accident, Police Commissioner Mohan Bhargav (Srikanth), another friend of Arjun Prasad, asks Arjun to handle the case without revealing his amnesia to anyone in the department. Who Killed Aryan Dev? Did Arjun solve the case? Has Arjun got his memory back? Watch the movie and find out the answer.


Sudheer Babu is an outstanding performer and the young actor has earned high marks for his impeccable performance in the film. Sud Here’s acting stood out in intense action and emotional scenes. With Hunt, Sudheer took another step forward in his career. Sudheer Babu’s potential as an actor is fully exploited by the director of the film.

Bharath and Sreekanth are perfectly cast for the roles of Aryan Dev and Mohan Bhargav. Their characters travel with the story and it’s nice to see two seasoned artists take on good performance-oriented roles. The scene with Sudheer Babu worked pretty well.

The first half of the film is quite interesting and there are many engaging scenes in it. The way the action and story connect is impressive. Recently, filmmakers have included songs even if they aren’t necessary, and thankfully Hunt doesn’t make that mistake.

Mounika Reddy is seen throughout the movie and she did a great job as a cop. She has a very meaningful scene where she has to clap along with Sudheer Babu. Actress Chitra Shukla did a good job in the role she was given.


After a good first half, the tempo completely loses grip in the second half. The momentum is not conveyed here and after a certain point the procedure becomes tedious and uninteresting. If the second half had been designed in a captivating and frenzied way, the result would have been great.

The climax twist is shocking and definitely a brave attempt at mainstream Telugu cinema. This particular aspect may appeal to only a few and may not suit all sections of the audience.

Editing needed some refinement as it looks like a few sequences have been stretched. The overall impact was somewhat hampered by slowness in a few areas.

Technical aspects:

Gibran’s tense music heightened several scenes according to the mood of the film. Arun Vincent’s cinematography is great and the production values ​​are good. As mentioned above, the edit could still be better.

Coming to director Mahesh Surapaneni, he did a decent job with the film. The first half is full of interesting elements, but the second half is not as engaging as the first half. However, the solid acting skills of the three actors were pulled out.


As a whole, Hunt is partially engaged. Sudheer Babu’s fantastic performance is wonderfully supported by Srikanth and Bharath. The irradiation angle is partially absorbed. The fate of the film depends on how the audience accepts the decisive twist. Overall, the film ends this weekend on a passable watch.

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