Fastest charging electric three wheeler in the world introduced, gets full charge in 15 minutes

The world’s fastest charging auto neEV HD

Exponent Energy and AltGreen have launched a new electric auto under their partnership. Both the companies claim that it is the fastest charging three wheeler in the world.

According to them, it takes only 15 minutes to charge it from 0 to 100 percent.
Altigrene is a Bengaluru-based commercial electric vehicle manufacturer and Exponent Energy is a startup focused on fast charging capability of EVs.

charging network

This fast charge can be done only on the company’s e-pump

Exponent Energy and AltGreen have jointly claimed to have developed a technology that will charge this three wheeler in just 15 minutes, but it also has a screw.

Actually, the company makes this claim on this three wheeler only for its charging station. Which means that the driver will have to take it to the company’s e-pump charging network for fast charging.

Such is their battery technology

This neEV HD electric three wheeler from Altigreen is powered by an 8.19 kWh battery pack, which is indigenously manufactured by Exponent using regular LPF cell technology.

The manufacturers also claim that the Exponent’s e-pumps send 100 amps of current to the battery to power the vehicle from 0 to 100 percent in 15 minutes. These are claimed to be 15 times faster than current industry standards.

neEV HD Three Wheeler

This three wheeler will hit the market from October

neEV HD electric three wheelers will be able to run up to a range of 85 kms on a single full charge.

According to AltGreen, the deliveries of this electric three wheeler to the customers will start in October this year.
Exponent Energy claimed that the company will install 100 e-pumps in Bengaluru as well as other cities in FY2023 to provide a robust infrastructure to EV owners.

“India needs fast charge capability in EVs to go electric”

At the launch of Electric Auto, Arun Vinayak, Co-Founder and CEO, Exponent Energy, elaborating on the partnership with AltGreen, said that EVs will be able to charge faster and last longer to go electric across India. capacity is needed.

Vinayak further added, “Our e-battery pack and e-pump make this possible with 15 minutes of rapid charging and 3000 life cycle warranty.”

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