Even if there’s no fitness certificate, the insurance company will have to pay compensation for the incident

Karnataka High Court’s big decision on insurance payments

Karnataka High Court (HC) has given a big decision on Monday regarding insurance payment.

The court said that insurance companies cannot shirk their obligation to pay compensation even if the vehicle’s fitness certificate and permit are not renewed.

News agency PTI According to the report of the High Court, this decision of the High Court set aside a decision given by the lower court in 2015.


What is this matter?

This judgment of the Karnataka High Court set aside the order of the Additional District and Sessions Judge, in which the trial court had ordered the school bus owner to pay compensation to the family of the accident victim.

According to the report, the fitness certificate and permit of the school bus had expired on the day of the accident, but the insurance policy was in force.

Now the High Court has directed the insurance company to pay the full amount of compensation.

this was the whole incident

On September 28, 2015, two persons named Syed Wali and Mohammad Shali were traveling on a motorcycle. His motorcycle collided with the school bus, in which Wali died instantly. Wali’s wife and children had filed a case for compensation.

Insurance company New India Assurance had claimed that the school bus did not have a valid fitness certificate and permit, making the insurer not liable to pay damages.


What is fitness certificate and why is it necessary?

Every vehicle plying on the road in India needs a valid fitness certificate. This letter of fitness is a document issued by the government department i.e. RTO, which certifies that this vehicle is fit for plying on the roads.

This certificate is mandatory for both commercial and private vehicles. Along with this, all vehicles also have to keep a PUC i.e. Pollution Check Certificate.

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A 15-year fitness certificate is available on the registration of new private vehicles in India, on completion of which the vehicle can be checked and extended by the RTO.

It is worth noting that due to pollution, 10 years old diesel vehicles in NCR are not considered suitable for plying on the road even if they have a valid fitness letter.

You can apply for the fitness letter of your old vehicle on the website of ‘Transport Services’.

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