Dinosaur crater: The younger sibling of the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs has been found in African seas, and the collision shook the Earth.

Washington: Dinosaurs once ruled the earth. A giant rock that fell from space ended the dinosaurs’ existence along with their rule on Earth. When a rock falls from space on Earth, a large crater is formed, called a crater. Now scientists have discovered a new crater. This crater was formed around the same time that the dinosaurs died out. Scientists believe that this rock fell millions of years ago. It fell after the rock fall that killed the dinosaurs.

This crater is smaller than the giant rock that killed the dinosaurs. The crater was found more than 300 meters below sea level, 400 kilometers off the coast of Guinea in West Africa. It has not been discovered till date due to the depth of the ocean floor. Dr. Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland. Usdin Nicholson named this crater Nadir Crater.
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What is special about the crater?
The size of this crater is 8 km. At the same time, scientists have stated that the size of the asteroid that produced it is likely to be 0.4 km. Dr. Nicholson said, ‘This kind of detection is like an ultrasound of the Earth. I spent 20 years of my life on them. I have never seen anything like it. Nadir’s size is similar to other craters in the world. Deep in the middle and raised soil around. The earthquake must have been felt some distance from its collision.

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How the dinosaurs died out
The space rock that killed the dinosaurs crashed into the Gulf of Mexico and formed the Chicxulub Crater. Scientists estimate the width of this reef to be 12 km. Due to this, a 200 km wide crater was formed. Scientists believe that the collision of this asteroid caused a huge tsunami and caused a terrible fire in many forests. A lot of Earth’s debris has gone into space.

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