Commonwealth Games: Indian women’s hockey team defeated by Australia, controversy over shootout decision

Heartbreaking defeat for Indian women hockey team

Last night, the Indian women’s hockey team suffered a penalty shootout against Australia in the semi-finals of the Commonwealth Games 2022. One such thing happened during this shootout which is causing a lot of ruckus.

Australia’s first shot was well defended by the Indian goalkeeper, but the referee gave Australia a second chance, after which people have accused the organizers of dishonesty.

match status

The match was tied at 1-1

Australia took the lead in the 10th minute of the match, scoring a goal. In the second quarter, the Indian women’s hockey team continued to attack, but could not score. Australia took an aggressive approach in the third quarter, but they too could not succeed in scoring.

In the 49th minute, India leveled the match by scoring a goal. In the remaining 11 minutes, both the teams put their strength, but no one got a goal.

Controversial decision in penalty shootout

Australia could not score in the first attempt of the shootout as Savita Poonia made a brilliant defense. The Indian player was preparing for her shot, but the referee came and said that the clock had not started during the last shot.

It was not India’s fault and it was the organisers’ fault, but Australia were given a second chance and took the lead by scoring a goal.

Outfable Bytes

While Australia scored three goals in the shootout, India missed three consecutive shots. Along with missing goals by the players, this controversy is also being considered as the reason for India’s defeat.

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