China fired 11 ballistic missiles near Taiwan, as it got enraged by Nancy’s visit

China fired 11 ballistic missiles near Taiwan, enraged by Nancy’s visit.

China has now started provocative action, angered by the visit of Speaker of the US Parliament House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan.

China, which began maneuvers in areas around Taiwan with Pelosi’s visit, on Thursday fired 11 ballistic missiles into the sea near Taiwan in just two hours.
Taiwan’s Defense Ministry has made this claim and condemned the move.

What has Taiwan’s Defense Ministry claimed?

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry has claimed that China has fired several ballistic missiles into the sea near Taiwan on Thursday. China is conducting its military exercises by encircling Taiwan in the sea. This is a prudent move endangering regional peace.

The ministry said that China has fired 11 ballistic missiles, which fell on the coast of Taiwan. Many videos of these missiles are also going viral on social media.

Watch the missile launch video

Taiwan appeals to the international community for cooperation

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said that this provocative action of China threatens their security. This is increasing tensions in the region and hindering international transport and trade. It condemns this irresponsible behavior and also appeals to the international community for cooperation.

The ministry said it would work with friends and partners to maintain the status quo and ensure a free and open Indo-Pacific.

China also confirmed missile launch

Here, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China has also confirmed the missile launch.

Eastern Theater Command spokesman Senior Colonel Shi Yi said the aim was to test the missiles’ accuracy and their ability to evade enemy access or control in an area.
He said the missile exercise has been completed and control over the respective maritime and airspace will be lifted after the firing exercise is completed.

China had announced the exercise

Angered by Pelosi’s visit, China on Tuesday announced the continuation of the exercise near the Taiwan Strait, saying it was extremely important. However, on Thursday, China intensified the exercise and asked it to continue till August 7.

ships forced to change course

The Taiwan Strait is one of the world’s busiest trade routes in terms of maritime trade, but China’s fierce maneuvers in the region have forced most ships to divert in the region.

Similarly, Taiwan has canceled its flights due to maneuvers. Earlier on Wednesday, China declared Taiwan a danger zone and warned airlines to avoid entering it.

Taiwan started preparations to defend against attack

Taiwan has alerted its forces amid China’s maneuvers.

Apart from this, preparations have been intensified to deal with any kind of attack. Taiwan’s army is also keeping a close watch on China’s antics.
Chinese state media says that Navy, Air Force, Rocket Army etc. are participating in this exercise. In this, missiles are being fired in the airspace with live firing from submarines.

China took many more strict steps against Taiwan

With Taiwan being declared a danger zone, China suspended exports of its natural sands and banned the import of fruit and fish products from there.

China has also decided to take action against the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy and the International Cooperation and Development Fund of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Let us tell you that China is upset with Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan and has warned Taiwan and America of dire consequences.

Chinese ship leaves for Sri Lanka’s Hambantota port

Here, China has sent its strongest spy ship Yuan Wang-5 to the Chinese port operated in Hambantota, Sri Lanka. It is expected to reach there on August 11.

In view of this, India has started monitoring it closely.
Sri Lanka’s Defense Ministry spokesman Col Nalin Herath said he understood India’s concern. The ship is capable of monitoring military installations, but this is a routine exercise.

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