BGMI is back! Available on App store? How to download, know

BGMI available for download on Play Store. Photo Credit: Twitter

BGMI on Google Play Store: BGMI is back! Yes you heard it right, Battlegrounds Mobile India is now available for download on Google Play Store. This is a very happy news for the gaming industry and Gamers who used to play it before the ban of the game. The game was banned in 2022 by the Indian government and was removed from the app store. This was a crucial step by the government and the reason behind it was security concerns. Krafton owns the famous game Battleground Mobile India BGMI. This gaming company is South Korean.

As outfable reported earlier, Minister of State for Electronics and IT Rajeev Chandrasekhar had informed that the Indian government had given a chance to the company and had given 3 month trial approval. In the mean time, the government officials will keep an eye on the consequences of re-introducing the game. The company is able to make a come back in India as it has complied with issues of server locations and data security. It will be watched by officials for 3 months and then the final decision will be taken. The makers had said it will be soon available to download.


Is it available on play store for everyone?

Fans after knowing the news, have rushed to download the game and BGMI is trending on twitter. Few users are unable to find the app on Play Store and complaining on twitter. However, others are happy to see the game returning. Some are visiting the official website of Battleground mobile India to download the game. On Play store it will take around 700 mb to be downloaded. CEO of Krafton had recently, thanked the Indian government for letting the game come back in India. At the time when the game was banned, it had a huge user base of 100 million.

Concerns about game addiction

On one hand, Gamers are happy that BGMI is back and on the other hand, few are concerned as the game can be addictive and may cause loss to young children. There is also a concern that children might spend money in the game and cause trouble. However, the makers of the game have advised the players to play responsibly so that there is no effect on their lives or daily schedule. To tackle this some game responsibilities have been displayed before a match.