Bal Aadhar Card: 16 crore Baal Aadhaar Card issued, scheme expected to go to national level know benefits

Aadhar card is one of the important documents for Indian citizens. Without this, neither you get admission in any school or college, nor will you get any government benefits, such as schemes like Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, PF and Income Tax are included. Now the Bal Aadhar scheme is expected to go national to provide identification numbers to children up to five years of age. Under this, 16 million child Aadhar cards have been issued.

Baal Aadhaar Card Registration: 16 Million Baal Aadhaar Card Issued

The Unique Identification Authority of India is looking to tie up with the Registrar General, who can later become the Enrollment Agent, and provide the Aadhaar number once the birth certificate is issued. Aadhar card details will be updated after the age of five years. One such pilot project was started in Uttar Pradesh.

Aadhar card of children will be updated from time to time

Regarding this matter, an official said, “The advantage is that children will have a unique identity at birth, which will make it easier to identify the benefits that they may be entitled to at the preschool level. This will allow them to take advantage of many government schemes. Apart from this, once the child turns five, Aadhaar will be re-verified to ensure that.

These documents will be required

When you are thinking of getting your child’s Aadhar card, then you will first need the child’s birth certificate or the discharge slip of the government hospital. Let us tell you that for the Aadhar card of young children, it is mandatory for any one of the parents to have Aadhar card. You may need to visit Aadhar Seva Kendra for biometric authentication of your child younger than 5 years.

Biometric is not developed for children younger than 5 years

Let us tell you that the biometric of children below 5 years of age is not developed properly. Biometric information means fingerprint and iris. Therefore, it becomes very difficult to extract the biometric information of children younger than 5 years. However, if your child is above 5 years of age, you can get his/her biometric information updated.

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