Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3 leak details, international streaming plans updates and date

Anime fans around the world very eagerly waiting for the Part 3 of Final Season of Attack on Titan to be out, which it is set to on March 3, 2023. However, recent leaks have given us some hint into the show’s international streaming plans. This is what is known so far.

Leak and its meaning

The leak about Attack on Titan Final Season 3 came to existence from Twitter user @Kami_Casuals, a secondary account run by @AniNewsAndFacts, a reputable source if you want to look up to anime and manga news. As per the leak, the first special of the upcoming season will be split into three episodes for streaming services except in Japan. The speculation that the show will have two 1-hour specials rather than weekly programming has now been confirmed. However, it’s yet not known why this distinction is made specifically for international streaming services.

Fan reaction to the news

Although there is confusion about streaming details, fans are still very excited to see it internationally on the same day as its Japanese release. The leak created hype for the upcoming premiere, with fans continously discussing about new season on social media.

What we know about Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3

The final chapter of the TV anime adaptation of Hajime Isayama’s manga series “Attack on Titan” is “Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3” and the first one was launched in April 2013, the series has undergone 10 years of transformation from start to finish.

The new season will focus on Hange Zoe, which will bring worry about her fate. The opening theme of this season will be SIM’s Under the Tree, which sang The Rumbling, the opening song of the second part of the last season.

The first half of Final Season Part 3 is set to air on March 3, 2023, while the second half has yet not had any an official release date set. However, fans have been hearing that it’s scheduled to air in late 2023, so you can expect it to air before the fall 2023 season.

This leak has given us some idea into the international streaming plans for Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part 3, which has only made fans more excited about the upcoming premiere. Despite the confusion surrounding the splitting of the special into three episodes, fans are eager to see what the final installment of this beloved animated series has in store.

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