Assam CM launches New Education Policy 2020 in the state, calls it historic day!

National Education Policy 2020 introduced in Assam. CM Inaugurates. Photo Credit: Google

Assam: The Assam government had launched the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 for higher educational institutions in the state on June 3. Followed by which, Chief Minister of Assam Himanta Biswa Sarma launched it at a ceremony which was held at Guwahati University. He was accompanied by state Education Minister Ranoj Pegu. In a speech, Assam Chief Minister admired the higher education department as well as the Gauhati University for taking a step ahead and implementing the National Education Policy (NEP).

Implementation of NEP 2020 is historic day for Assam

He continued to say that this was a historic day in the history of the state. He said, “Adoption of the New Education Policy marks a historic day for Assam”. Further, speaking about the policy, he said, “The NEP was introduced under the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi which aims to prepare the youth of India for the challenges in future. Hence, it’s implementation is a historic event for Assam. Under the policy, we will have to focus on imparting multi-disciplinary education and preparing our students in a holistic and enabling environment”.


Aim of the National Education Policy 2020

The National Education Policy 2020, particularly focuses on the development of the creative aspect of each individual. Main purpose of this education system is to develop a good human being who is capable of having rational thought as well as action. Moreover, it aims to make the youth poses compassion and empty, courage and resonance, scientific temper and creative imagination along with sound ethical moorning and values.

From now on, all the higher education institute in the state will have a four year undergraduate program under the nep 2020. This program will be in colleges and Universities. The main aim of this program is to revolutionize the Indian education system. Before Assam, other states like Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh have implemented this system in higher education institute in the states. Karnataka was the first state to implement NEP 2020. Below are some of the fundamental principles that will be followed along the policy.