Ashneer Grover Delhi house is a luxury with gold-plated coasters, car collections

Former Shark Tank India judge Ashneer Grover owns a luxurious home in New Delhi. The entrepreneur recently toured his home in an interview with Brut India.

In the living room, there is a counter with Ashneer’s figurine and family photos. BharatPe co-founder said that after the first season, the Shark Tank India team presented him with a figurine. His wife Madhuri Jain Grover said that she liked her husband as a ‘shark’ on the show but as a person she liked him more.

The video also showed the in-house bar in the living room, which Ashneer said had over 100-150 bottles of alcohol. However, he also reveals that he and his wife are abstainers and that the bar is mostly for Ashneer’s father. Ashneer also talked about his infamous dining table and commented on rumors that it cost Rs 10 crore. “This table is the most notorious one. It is estimated to be worth 1 billion rupees, which is new news to me. I thought my house was 10 million rupees, but the table is 10 million rupees,” he joked. However, it is said that a pulley had to be installed in the house to bring the table inside.

Another attraction of this house is that the refrigerator is decorated with a travel magnet representing the country the couple has visited. The kitchen was also built in beige tones and gave a point with soft lighting.

Ashneer and Madhuri’s bedroom is decorated in shades of gray with tall French windows flooding the space with natural light. After Ashneer decides to lose those extra pounds, there are healthy snacks on their bedside table instead of chips. Also, the two said they like late-night snacks because they usually watch movies and programs together at night. “We’re not the kind of people who wake up at 4 a.m. and succeed,” Ashneer said.

The house has a huge hallway 50 meters each way, and when Ashneer hired a personal fitness trainer, he used to run there. In the video, Ashneer also showed off all of the cars parked on the first floor of her home. His wife Madhuri’s favorite is the Maybach and Ashneer has said he likes to drive his Porsche when he goes out at night.

Madhuri has revealed in the past that Ashneer is “very quiet” but he was someone.

Ashneer became a fan favorite after the hit first season of Shark Tank India thanks to his ridiculous on-screen persona and general meme abilities.

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