Anupama written episode today, storm of argument between these two

In this episode of the show, Anuj, Anupama and Little Anu participate in a havan pooja for Little Anu. Maaya organizes the pooja without informing Anuj and Anupama and feels disheartened when she sees Little Anu in Anuj’s lap. After the pooja, Maaya apologizes to Anuj and Anupama and they discuss their love and hatred equation towards each other.

Vanraj hears Kavya talking about her London trip and recalls Leela telling him to stop Kavya from going. Vanraj and Kavya have an argument about their relationship and Kavya’s independence. Anuj, Anupama and Little Anu head to the temple while Vanraj and Kavya continue to argue.

Anuj asks Ankush to keep an eye on Maaya and Vanraj scolds Toshu for his food business causing traffic jams. Maaya is busy with party arrangements and drops a chit bowl which is held by Ankush.

Maaya gets Little Anu ready to talk to her. Little Anu asks her to braid her hair like her mother and sings her Anupama. Anupama asks Maaya and braids Little Anu’s hair. Maaya clicks her picture and says she is preserving Little Anu’s memories. Anupama talks about the bond between mothers. Maaya asks if they can be friends. Anupama says that when her sisters are unable to maintain a cordial relationship, they are mothers of the same girl.

Maaya reminds her how she had a good relationship with Kavya. Kavya says her relationships take years to build and a second to break. Little Anu clicks her selfie and shows it to Anuj. Maaya says there can be two mothers in one picture. Anupama speaks only in pictures, not her family.

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