Andhra Pradesh government directs to prepare an action plan to strengthen the power sector

Vijayawada, August 01: Andhra Pradesh government has started efforts to strengthen the power sector of the state. The government is implementing the AP Disaster Recovery Project (APDRP) for laying underground power cables in Visakhapatnam with financial assistance from the World Bank. The cost of this project is around Rs 720 crore.

Government wants to build a strong network from village to city level
Apart from this, the State Government has ordered the Energy Department to prepare a comprehensive action plan to improve the power sector, enhance consumer services and make the project under Navratnalu more successful. The reason behind this is that the government believes that electricity is a fundamental need to meet basic social needs, accelerate economic development and promote human development, so the state government has emphasized on increasing public participation on a large scale. Wants to build a strong network up to the city level.

Will take feedback from the public on services
Apart from this Navratnalu wants to collect information about schemes, consumer. Will take feedback from the public on the services so as to enable the utilities to take immediate action if any problem arises in the power sector. The government is also providing free electricity to various sections of consumers including BC, SC and ST.

Energy consumption is increasing significantly
Energy consumption is increasing significantly in Andhra Pradesh, Energy Minister Ramachandra Reddy said, the power utilities are meeting the growing power demand due to effective implementation of 24×7 power supply and stringent measures taken by the government to strengthen the power sector. is getting. The increase in energy consumption is a sign of considerable economic growth of the state.

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