Why Pathan Controversy: Oh Brother! Why the fuss over Pathan? Is Shah Rukh ‘Muslim’ or Deepika’s bikini ‘Saffron’?

Ruckus over pathaan. Like a ghazal written by Akbar Allahabadi, my question is why the uproar about Shah Rukh Khan’s film. What is the real reason behind the protests against ‘Pathan’ in extreme cold? Protest is fine but why bother? The way an organization looted and destroyed an actor’s poster in Ahmedabad, what was it? You caused a lot of fuss, but what happened? Nothing. You were chilling Khamkhan and meanwhile ‘Pathan’ passed the Censor Board with some instructions. It will also be out in a few days… But what will happen to you Mr-e-Ali.

‘Pathan’ has passed the Censor Board with some changes. The saffron bikini scene has not been removed or renamed from the film. The board has given the green signal without any changes to the film, which has caused an uproar among some. One thing is clear that if there was anything objectionable it would not have escaped the shears of the censor board. If the troublemakers don’t even trust the censor board, then what will they do?

A few days ago a mall in Ahmedabad was vandalized by an organization. He used the song Besharam Rang from the movie ‘Pathan’ as the theme. The reason is the saffron bikini worn by Deepika Padukone. The release of the film has been threatened. The hooliganism in the mall and the smashing of Shahrukh Khan’s face on the poster shows how vile they are in their minds. My question to all these Maharathas is why are you making such a fuss. If you want to create a buzz, come up with some strong issues. Also do a little research. I advise Frei not to create disturbance and peacefully register your protest. So your understanding makes everyone think about the topic.

1. A career of 30 years, 78 films.. When did Shah Rukh Khan disappoint the nation?

Shah Rukh started his career in 1988. He first did TV shows like ‘Fauji’ and ‘Circus’ and later turned to films. However, he never let people down during this time. Being a Muslim has never hurt anyone. Shah Rukh Khan, who has been delivering blockbuster movies every year, has been missing from the silver screen for the past five years. The 2018 film ‘Zero’ failed to entertain the audience and also disappointed Shahrukh.

His comeback with ‘Pathan’ after five years has mixed fans but there are also mourners. Shah Rukh Khan’s eyes are piercing like a shard of glass. Not because his film is coming out. Instead he is a Muslim and according to you, the color saffron is called ‘besharam’ in one of his film songs. Hey man, both of these are products of your poor mind. Stop destroying the country in the name of religion. Put your mind in the right place and save yourself.

Shah Rukh Khan has never hurt anyone’s sentiments in his career of so many years. This is the garbage of the human mind that has spread everywhere after smelling it. Shahrukh Khan became a Muslim today. But when Rahul and Raj rule your heart, where has your fallen thought gone? Stop running your shop in the name of religion and don’t spread hate.

2. Why all the fuss over colour?

Pathan 2

The song Besharam Rang from the Shah Rukh Khan film Pathan broke the record of views within seconds. It became the most viewed song within minutes. Although fans liked it a lot, some started finding flaws in the song. At first he said obscenities and then tore the color of ‘saffron’. Deepika Padukone wore different outfits in this song but what people saw was the orange bikini. And see the mind. The title of the song was associated with this color. He started by saying that his ‘saffron’ color was called ‘Besharam’ in the song. First of all, the question is whether this is the first time wearing a bikini of this color. No… then why are you protesting now?

A BJP leader called Deepika a follower of thukde-thukde gang, so you tell me, is this gentleman expressing his opposition in color or is he just roasting the fact that Deepika went to JNU? No one owns copyright on color. Your mind has started dividing people on the basis of color and religion. If you want to add controversy to the color itself, go all black, blue and white. For example, white color is considered inauspicious among Hindus. Even new brides should not wear such colors. Same scene as Kala. You have already decided to defeat the Muslim.

In this way ‘Hindus’ should wear only few colored clothes. right? Oh my dear brother Raja! Either you haven’t read the science behind colors or you have nothing to do with the meaning of colors. But one said that the raven had taken off its ear, so half the population ran for that goat’s trick. Stop creating nuisance in the name of protest. Don’t straighten onions for color.

3. Forget those songs that showed full nudity

Pathan 3

Some people saw nudity in the song ‘Besharam Rang’ from the movie ‘Pathan’. But have you forgotten those songs that you saw with teary eyes? There are many songs like ‘Yeh Jism Kya Hai’, ‘Bheege Lip Tere’, Ang Laga De, ‘Aashiq Banaya Apne’, ‘Hale Dil’. It had many bold scenes. Well, one more thing, remember Katrina Kaif’s water dance in a saffron saree? Also remember Kangana Ranaut’s Revolver Rani look. That’s why before protesting over profanity, consider this too.

4. Movies protested by aggressors continued to be hits.

Pathan 4

Let me remind you of one thing. Whenever there is a fuss over unnecessary issues, it only benefits the producers. If you really have a problem with the movies, protest peacefully because your overwhelming understanding will benefit the producers. Many films from ‘Padmaavat’, ‘My Name is Khan’ to ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ were strongly opposed but these films became super hits at the box office.

5. Movies are the mirror of society and Pathan is also a part of this reality.

the tenth

One thing is very true about cinema, cinema is the mirror of society. Whatever happens in the society will be reflected in the film. It is the truth of the society and gives the right message to the society. Pathan is part of this reality. Pathan also aims to convey a message. You see it first and then make your judgment.

Disclaimer – The views expressed in the article are personal of the author.

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