Why does Biden love Pakistan? Have relations warmed again between both?

Washington: After years of tension between Pakistan and the US, friends since the Cold War, relations have warmed again. The US was very angry with the Pakistan Army’s relationship with the Taliban. Former President Donald Trump had halted military aid to Pakistan, but now the situation has changed again. Even after India’s objections, the US provided a multi-million dollar package for Pakistan’s F-16 fighter jets. Not only this, now Pakistan Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa has arrived in the United States for a week-long important visit. This is believed to be Bajwa’s last foreign tour. Going to retire in November. Indian experts say that China is behind this. Let’s understand everything‚Ķ

Avinash Mohananey, a former Intelligence Bureau officer posted in Pakistan, believes the revelation of Pegasus is a big reason behind this. He says the polarization in politics has increased after the audio leaks in Pakistan. That too, after Bajwa, politics became intense in Pakistan as to who will be the chief of the Pakistan Army. Bajwa is set to retire on November 29 and the selection of the next army chief has become a do-or-die battle for the future of Imran Khan and the Sharif brothers.

Will Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif be able to pick a new army chief?
According to the constitution of Pakistan, the new army chief should be chosen by Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif. Avinash believes that it is difficult to take an independent decision on the army chief at a time when Pakistan is facing economic and security challenges. America has again stepped into this challenging situation of Pakistan. He said that in this challenging situation, America sees a great opportunity to overcome its main rival, China. America has always felt comfortable working with Pakistan Army for strategic and economic interests and that is why it is doing so this time too.

He also said that once they succeed in getting a US-friendly military chief, it will work in their favor. Whether Pakistan is governed democratically or not is not important to America. A good example of US-Pakistan ties is the Pegasus spy software developed by an Israeli company. Although Pakistan and Israel do not have diplomatic relations, they use this notorious hacking software indiscriminately. Pakistan is believed to have acquired this software with the help of the United States.

Pakistan and Bangladesh have acquired Pegasus software from Israel
According to a hacker Indiashell, Pakistan and Bangladesh have taken this software from Israel. He revealed that the Prime Minister’s office has never come under the purview of spying but in the coming times all important persons in Pakistan will have Pegasus software on their phones. This is the reason why Imran Khan doesn’t want to give his information to anyone except his favorite ISI General Faiz. Many audios of Imran Khan were leaked soon after he was replaced as the ISI chief. With the transfer of the ISI chief, the entire control passed from Imran Khan to General Bajwa.

Avinash said that America is accepting the same Bajwa today. After Imran Khan came to power, he opened a front against the US, which reportedly angered Bajwa. Even before the latest audio leak scandal, the ISI had leaked several audios of Imran Khan’s secret wife Bushra Bibi. As Imran’s apprehension also proved to be true, many of his audios have hit the market. Be it Imran or Shahbaz, the conversation of both the leaders is being recorded illegally.

Imran Khan is secretly trying to convince America
He said that Imran never dreamed that the Pegasus spy software he was bringing to Pakistan would wound his neck. Avinash Mohananey said that Imran Khan has made several attempts to persuade him from behind the scenes by sending his close friends to the US Embassy, but still he is not acceptable to America. Now with the leak of these audios in Pakistan, the true nature of the political and military leadership there has become clear. The situation has become very dangerous in Pakistan from the perspective of sustainability.

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