What is the K2 desk of ISI, the terrorists who conspired to kill Hindu leaders in Punjab

New Delhi: The special cell of Delhi Police foiled a massive conspiracy by Pakistan’s intelligence service agency ISI just before Republic Day. The Special Cell of Delhi Police arrested two terrorists on Thursday. Both these terrorists were controlled by ISI’s K2 Desk. ISI has set up a special K2 desk to carry out terror attacks in India. Here K2 stands for Kashmir-Khalistan. This information was revealed during the investigation conducted by the intelligence agency. After all, why did the terrorists make the K2 desk and how does it conspire in India? Let’s say.

ISI is planning to carry out terror attacks in Punjab
ISI is always carrying out terrorist attacks in Kashmir. But now the terrorists have also included Khalistan in this. Now the terrorists are planning to spread terror in Punjab as well. It was revealed earlier that the ISI was funding the Kashmir-Khalistan i.e. K2 Desk project. Apart from this, it was also revealed that gangsters in Punjab are also being trained to carry out blasts through this desk. Intelligence agency sources said that Pakistan is adopting new strategies to revive Khalistan terrorism in Punjab. Only ISI has started K2 Desk for this purpose. The connection of this K2 desk of ISI was also exposed during the Siddu Mooswala murder.
Terrorists planned to attack Hindu leaders and sent a live video of the killing to the boss across the border.
Delhi Police arrested two terrorists
On the other hand, the names of the two terrorists arrested by the Delhi Police are Jagjit alias Yakub and Naushad. These two militants also revealed the names of two other religious leaders, including two Shiv Sena leaders in Punjab, whom they were tasked to eliminate. Sources said Delhi Police will talk to Punjab Police and intelligence agencies in this regard. Police say the man whose body parts were found on Saturday has not yet been identified. Delhi Police is trying to identify those who have been missing since December using their records. Apart from this, the police is also probing the mobile links between the two accused and their Canada-based mastermind Arsh Dalla and another ISI operative.
Beheading and dismembering the body, the video was sent abroad… The act of two terrorists in Delhi will shake their lives.
Many questions remained unanswered during the police investigation
Dalla, a permanent resident of Canada, is an accused in more than two dozen cases of murder, extortion and murder, police said, and Interpol has also issued a red notice against him. Sources said Dalla was working as an associate of Khalistan Tiger Force terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar and was involved in providing logistics for target killings at the behest of the ISI. There are many such questions in the police investigation which are yet to be answered. How a paroled terrorist and criminal managed to collect weapons, commit murders, dispose of body parts and communicate with ISI operatives.
Two hand grenades were found in the room on the instructions of the accused, what is the secret of human blood?
The police are investigating whether one of the arrested is a police informer. Sources said Naushad had made these claims but the police had not brought them on record. Another officer claimed that Naushad had been under the surveillance of the Special Cell for several months, but how he still managed to fool them was a matter of concern. A senior police officer said that an investigation is underway.

According to reports, the Special Cell Anti-Terror Unit is all set for a major overhaul with changes at several levels. Some officials will also be sent out of Delhi, sources said. The Ministry of Home Affairs will take a decision in this regard soon. Officials said that the appointment to the post of Joint Commissioner will be made soon. The unit is on high alert in view of the past three terror-related incidents like the Israeli embassy blast, bomb planting in Ghazipur and the recovery of another in Seelampur.

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