Weekend box office: Kuttetan’s voice disappears in first weekend, Varishu on threshold of 100 crores, Thuniv behind

Arjun Kapoor and Tabu starrer ‘Kute’ is seen taking breathers in its first weekend. Vishal Bharadwaj’s son Azman Bharadwaj is making his directorial debut with this film. But it seems the film is not going that well with the audience. But Tabu is praised in the movie. But despite this, the film managed to collect only 3.25 crores in the first weekend. Unfortunately, the film’s collection declined on Sunday instead of increasing as compared to Saturday. Meanwhile, from Monday, this film is sure to see the stars during the daytime. On the other hand South Indian films ‘Warisu’ and ‘Thuniv’ are also hits at the box office. Dalapathy Vijay’s film ‘Warisu’ has bagged the extended weekend and the film is approaching the 100 crore club. Thala Ajith’s ‘Thuniv’ has not been released in Hindi. But the film is doing average business in Tamil and Telugu.

It is also noteworthy here that ‘Warisu’ and ‘Thuni’ were released on Wednesday 11th January itself. Of these, ‘Warisu’, which was released only in Tamil on Wednesday, was released in Hindi and Telugu on Friday, January 13. Meanwhile, ‘Thuniv’ has been thrilling the audience since day one in both Tamil and Telugu languages. Both these films are not faring well at the box office, but their earnings are definitely better than the average if we look at the last year’s situation.

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Now the ‘dog’ can only hope for a miracle

‘Kute’ is the worst at the box office. The film’s viewership was 8-10% on Sunday as well. That means only 8 to 10 seats out of 100 were seen in cinema halls. The film earned a business of just Rs 1 crore on the first day. 1.20 crore on Saturday earnings. But on Sunday, the revenue again fell to 1.05 crores. In this way, ‘Kute’ has achieved a business of Rs 3.25 crore in the first weekend.

Kids box office collection

Friday First day 1.00 crores of Rs
Saturday Second day 1.20 crores
Sunday Day 3 1.05 crores
Source: Box Office India Net Income – 3.25 crores

‘Naya’ is faring worse on Monday morning shows. In theaters, out of 100 seats, the audience is found in only 5-6 seats. In such a scenario, it is clear that only a miracle can sail this film’s boat now. But producers who don’t spend much on pre-release promotion or don’t promote much seem to be abandoning the film with the help of OTT.

‘Warisu’ beats ‘Thuniva’ in opening weekend

On the other hand, Dalapati Vijay’s ‘Warisu’ and Thala Ajith’s ‘Thuniv’, which hit the theaters on Pongal day, are witnessing a tough clash. At first it seemed that ‘Thuniv’ would win this race but now ‘Warisu’ has the upper hand in 5 days. Vijay’s film collected Rs 87.25 crore in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi languages ​​in five days. On Sunday, ‘Warisu’ did a business of 20 crores, which includes Hindi collection and 1.55 crores. ‘Warisu’ is sure to join the 100 crore club on Monday. However, it should also be noted here that ‘Thuniv’ is obtained in two languages ​​while ‘Warisu’ is obtained in three languages.

Varisu Box Office Collection

Wednesday First day 26.7 crores
Thursday Second day 11.55 crores
Friday Day 3 10.1 crores (in Hindi – 0.70 crores)
Saturday Fourth day 18.4 crore (Hindi – 1.40 crore)
Sunday The fifth day 20.5 crores (Hindi – 1.55 crores)
Source: sacnilk Net Income – 87.25 crores (in Hindi – 3.65 crores)

The condition of ‘Warisu’ in Hindi is not so good either. However, it is definitely better than the Bollywood release ‘Kute’. ‘Warisu’ collected Rs 70 lakh on its first day in Hindi on Friday. 1.40 crore on Saturday earnings. 1.55 crore in the Hindi version on Sunday. In this way, ‘Warisu’ has collected 3.65 crores in its first weekend in Hindi. ‘Kute’ collected 3.20 crores in three days. That means the condition of both the films is almost the same in Hindi as well.

Tuniv Box Office Collection

Wednesday First day 24.40 crores
Thursday Second day 11.80 crores
Friday Day 3 8.30 crores
Saturday Fourth day 11.00 crores
Sunday The fifth day 11.90 crores
Source: sacnilk Net Income – 67.40 crores

Thala Ajith aka Ajith Kumar starrer ‘Thuniv’ collected Rs 67.40 crores in five days in its first weekend. The film collected Rs 11.9 crore on Sunday including Tamil and Telugu languages. Just behind ‘Warisu’, but ‘Thuniv’ will be part of the 100 crore club by Wednesday.

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