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The Upahar cinema fire is one such tragedy in Indian history, the pain of which is still felt by the families of 162 people. A fire broke out in this cinema hall located in Delhi’s Green Park area on 13 June 1997. JP Dutta’s superhit film ‘Border’ was playing in the theatre. It was around 3 pm. The crowded cinema hall was engulfed in flames. 59 people died of suffocation in this accident and 103 people were seriously injured in the stampede. It was not just a disaster, but the incident was followed by a long legal battle. Randeep Jha and Prashant Nair’s web series ‘Trial by Fire’ is the story of this historical tragedy and the long struggle of the victims’ families in its aftermath. Abhay Deol and Rajshree Deshpande’s strong acting makes this series stand out.

The story of ‘Agnivicharana’

The story of ‘Trial by Fire’ series is progressing with Neelam and Shekhar Krishnamurthy. 59 people, including Neelam and Shekhar’s sons Unni and Ujjwala, died in the tragic Upahar fire. The series is about the struggle for justice of the parents who are in agony and grief as victims of brutal theater staff and administrative mismanagement.

‘Trial by Fire’ Review

If the ‘Trial by Fire’ series had to be summed up in one word, it would be: amazing. It beautifully and powerfully captures the struggle of two parents who lost both their children in the 1997 Upahar cinema fire. As easy as talking about justice, how difficult is its path, this is what the series shows. Excellent direction and excellent performances by the actors make ‘Trial by Fire’ an immersive experience. The show investigates the reasons behind the incident. It was an incident that was in the news for many years before the court verdict and sentencing. This mini series is a must watch.

The series begins with 17-year-old Unni and 13-year-old Ujjwal. Both of them are going to watch the first day show of ‘Border’ at Upahar cinema. Little does he know that this is the last day of his life. Neelam and Shekhar’s whole world seems to be burning before their eyes when they hear the news that the cinema hall is on fire. As a parent, this is a devastating event for anyone. Both decide not to accept this truth just like that. It will go to the bottom of its causes. Criminals will be punished.

Neelam and Shekhar’s fight begins with a personal quest. As if everyone worked together to make this catastrophe happen. Delayed arrival of fire brigade vehicles and PA system and sprinklers not working properly. An important part of the series shows Neel and Shekhar uniting the parents and family members of other victims for a legal battle.

‘Trial by Fire’ Trailer

This series has a strong impact on you as a viewer. Many such situations have been shown in the series and after that you also start to believe that it happened. Ansal, the largest builder in Delhi, was one of the largest builders in Asia in 1997. The journey of a family’s struggle against the system and the people with access becomes emotional at times. Emotions like sadness and despair are more or less a part of every episode. From morning to night, parents are engaged in advocacy to get justice for their children. Most of the scenes in the serial are kept very realistic.

The heart and soul of the series resides in Neelam Krishnamurthy aka Rajashree Deshpande. His performance is excellent and will stay with you for a long time. She has done an exceptional job as a grieving mother. She is heartbroken but still fighting for justice. Abhay Deol touches the heart in his role as Shekhar in the series. He is a great actor but it is also true that he has been away from the screen for a long time. But thanks to this series, he will surely return to the headlines.

Anupam Kher and Ratna Pathak Shah’s characters are not huge, but they keep your interest even with their small screen time. Apart from them, Rajesh Thailang who plays Veer Singh in the series gives a wonderful impression. Sarala (Kiran Sharma), Advocate Kapoor (Asif Ali Baig) and Amrita (Nimisha Nair) also bring soul to their characters.

The series is based on the book written by Neelam and Shekhar Krishnamurthy. The makers made him the hero of their series. The script of the series gives you the feel of a thriller and is very effective. Even the smallest details are completely taken care of by the creators of the show. ‘Trial by Fire’ is a ‘must watch series’ if you want to watch something good and powerful.

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