Used to go to Tihar in a BMW and was paid Rs 1.5 lakh to meet Sukesh in a special room… Confessions of three heroines will surprise you

New Delhi: The names of two Bollywood actresses, Jacqueline Fernandez and Nora Fatehi, have cropped up in the Sukesh Chandrasekhar case, but it is claimed that both of them, along with another actress, are frequent visitors to Tihar Jail. In the chargesheet filed against Sukesh Chandrasekhar in the Rs 200 crore fraud case, the Delhi Police had claimed that in April-May 2018, three heroines/models had gone to Tihar Jail to meet Sukesh. According to the police chargesheet, these three heroines revealed all their secrets during interrogation. It is known how Sukesh bribed the top authorities of Tihar Jail in such a situation.

1.5 lakhs for an hour meeting

According to the Delhi Police chargesheet, the three actresses used to meet Sukesh in jail for 45 minutes to an hour and took between Rs 1 lakh and 1.5 lakh. Guess Sukesh’s pride in prison from being sent to a separate room with TV, AC and fridge when a heroine came in the past. There she used to have ‘meetings’ alone with Sukesh. The Delhi Police claims that the actresses themselves said this. They all said that she was brought to Tihar Jail in a BMW car and entered through Gate No. 3.

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Even sold to the Director General of Tihar?

Sandeep Goyal, former director general of Tihar, has been suspended in this case. It is also alleged that he colluded with Delhi Minister Satyender Jain. New revelations in the investigation will be conveyed to the Union Home Ministry by the Delhi Police, sources said. Only Sukesh’s aide Angel alias Pinki Irani has been charged under MCOCA. Nora Fatehi and Jacqueline Fernandez have not been charged.

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The confession of the heroines will blow your mind

The statement of a heroine has been recorded in the charge sheet. Accordingly, the actress claimed that Pinky Irani introduced her to Sukesh Chandrasekhar in April 2018 so that she would get more opportunities in films. Sukesh was introduced to Irani as a producer in the South Indian film industry. He told the police that we went to Tihar Jail gate in a BMW car. From gate number 3, the Innova car took us inside the jail. We didn’t go through any security check and didn’t even see our identity cards. I went up the stairs with Angel to a room where Sukesh was sitting earlier. He was accompanied by a girl and two other men. Angel told me to wait for a while and then I waited for a while between the police officers. ‘Then he (Sukesh) told me… he said he will get bail in August 2018. He said that he has received many actresses’ films. That day he paid around Rs 10 lakh to Angel, out of which I received Rs 1.5 lakh.

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Sukesh was spending money like water for heroines

A week later, Sukesh sent the actress a flight ticket on WhatsApp and booked her into a five-star hotel room at Aerocity. Then two lakh rupees and LV bag were given. The actress told the Delhi Police, ‘Sukesh asked me to mention in my Instagram bio that I was in a relationship. He was also asked to post a photo of the bag on Instagram. Then the policemen took me away from there. During interrogation, the second actress said that the room where she met Sukesh was full of fragrance. Sukesh paid him two lakh rupees in two installments. After 50 days he called me again and gave me an LV bag and Rs.50,000. The third heroine said that Sukesh gave Rs 2 lakh and a Versace watch.

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