US on India: Year of India 2023, Indian leadership will reverberate around the world, America’s big prediction

Washington/Tokyo: America has praised India as the fifth largest economy in the world and the president of the G-20 countries. Along with this, it is predicted that 2023 will belong to India and India will show its leadership in the world. Kurt Campbell, coordinator for the Indo-Pacific region at the White House, Office of the US President, said that India will be a major focus of US diplomacy this year. The US statement comes at a time when India will chair the highly influential G-20 group of nations this year and become the voice of the poor and developing countries around the world.

At the Indo-Pacific Forecast 2023 program organized in Tokyo, the capital of Japan, Kurt Campbell said that the US and its allies are looking at India. India is the country they want to play a greater role in the Indo-Pacific region. Campbell said, ‘India plays a large and responsible role in our interests. Let him do all that we are doing now.’ He said India, a member of the Quad along with the US, Japan and Australia, will chair the G-20 this year and will be the focus of US diplomacy.
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Biden will attend the summit of G-20 countries

US President Joe Biden’s assistant Kurt has indicated that there will be more visits by the president and vice president to the Indo-Pacific region this year. India is going to host the G-20 summit in New Delhi in September, which Joe Biden will attend. Campbell said the United States is ready to help India reduce its dependence on Russian arms. Now 85% of India’s weapons are of Russian origin. This is believed to be the reason why India did not criticize Russia in the Ukraine war.

Campbell said, ‘We have emphasized and clearly stated that the United States is ready to help India reduce its dependence on Russian arms. We will work together with like-minded countries. He said that officials from India have met recently and their thoughts and interests are similar to ours. Akhil Ramesh, a researcher at the Pacific Forum, said India provides an opportunity for the US to connect with the Global South. The Global South includes poor and developing countries.
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US Eye on Global South with India’s Help

Ramesh said countries in the Global South know that India has strategic alliances with many countries and as a result they want New Delhi to play a leadership role on global issues like vaccines or conflict prevention. He said that from the President of Mexico to the President of Ukraine Zelenskiy, Prime Minister Modi has held talks with him in recent times. They want India to resolve the Ukraine-Russia war peacefully. India hosted the first Vice of Global South summit this week. It has virtually connected the developing countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America. America wants to increase its influence in these countries by maintaining good relations with India.

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