UP Crime: Limits of Brutality! Gang-rape a woman going to her mother-in-law’s house and put a bottle in her private part

Bind: The incident of gang-rape of a woman in Uttar Pradesh’s Banda district has come to light. The accused gang-raped the girl and put a bottle full of alcohol in her private part. As soon as the information was received, the police of four police stations along with the Superintendent of Police reached the spot and arrested the two youths after questioning them. The whole matter is being investigated. The incident took place in Dehat Kotwali area on Saturday night.

The woman made serious allegations

The 24-year-old woman said her uncle was in an area of ​​the city. She was going to her mother-in-law’s Oran village on Saturday. There were two young neighbors on the bike. Those who were taking the young woman to her husband’s house raped her on the way and when she objected to the incident, they kept the liquor bottle in her private part. I was also attacked. After that they left me unconscious and ran away.

The young man made the young woman drink alcohol

Following this, Puttan called one of his friends, Babu, and asked him to drop the woman on a motorcycle to her husband’s house. After a while Babu came with his motorcycle. All three were traveling on the same motorcycle. Near Gureh village under Dehat Kotwali, the two youths gave liquor and liquor to the woman. When the police arrived after some time, the woman started creating a ruckus, alleging rape.

According to the statement given by the Superintendent of Police in this case, the opposite is the case. Superintendent of Police Abhinandan said that the police received information that a woman had been gang-raped on the night of January 14. As soon as I received this information, myself, jurisdictional Nagar Ambuja Trivedi and police from four police stations in the surrounding areas reached the spot. It also had a field unit. The scene was thoroughly inspected.

The battery of the e-rickshaw ran out on the way

He said that the woman’s mother’s house is in Kotwali area of ​​the city and on January 13, she came to her mother’s house and sat in the e-rickshaw of Puttan, who lives in the neighborhood, and was going to catch a bus. Saturday 14 January. But as it was evening, I got a bus to Oran. He then started going to Tirahe RTO junction to catch the bus, but the e-rickshaw ran out of battery on the way.

The police said it was a case of harassment

The Superintendent of Police said that the prima facie investigation has made this clear. He said that Babu tried to pull the woman’s saree when the woman started making noise. The case is not for rape but for torture. Both youths have been arrested after an FIR was registered in the incident. It is also reported that the woman also refused medical examination.
Input – Anil Singh

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