This Golu-Molu-like girl who licked everyone’s dust as a child is now a big star in Bollywood.

Can you recognize this beautiful girl in this picture? This girl once faced a lot of financial difficulties during her childhood. The family also saw hard times but later this girl ruled the Hindi film industry. This girl was considered as the biggest superstar of Bollywood. Even filmmakers went crazy when this girl grew up and stepped into Bollywood as a heroine. Even today, fans to Bollywood crave for its sight. Do you know who this girl is?

The name of this girl who grew up famous as Rekha is Bhanurekha Ganesan. Rekha is the daughter of South Indian famous actress Pushpavalli and actor Jaimini Ganesan. Jaimini Ganesan was a big name in Tamil language films. Although the child of Tara parents, Rekha had to suffer a lot during her childhood. October 10 is Rekha’s 68th birthday.

The father refused to accept his son

Pushpavalli and Jaimini Ganesan were not married when Rekha was born. Rekha and her mother had to suffer a lot because of this. Rekha hid this truth in her life until the 70s. Jaimini Ganesan also refused to accept Rekha as her child.

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Rekha is the support of the family during the playing age
Rekha’s mother Pushpavalli did not give up her courage and raised her daughter without the help of her husband and gave her a good life. Rekha also started acting as a child actor to support her mother. At an age when children were playing with toys, when grandparents were listening to fairy tales, Rekha was doing housework with her mother at that age.

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Rekha’s childhood picture, Photo: Twitter

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Started as a child actor, won the National Award
Rekha made her debut as a child actor in the film Inti Gut released in 1958. In 1969, Rekha made her debut as a heroine in the Kannada film Operation Jackpot Nalli CID 999. At the same time, he made his Bollywood debut in 1970 with the film ‘Savan Bhado’. Rekha’s movie was a hit. Some of her other films were also hits, but Rekha’s looks and weight were always despised. He was ridiculed a lot. made fun of But Rekha never lost her courage and created a distinct personality from Bollywood to South India.

Rekha now

Actress Rekha, photo: Insta/fairy_rekha

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Gave many hits and did not bow down despite the taunts
Rekha has also done ‘Basera’, ‘A Mistake’, ‘Zubaida’, ‘Lajja’, ‘If You Were Not There’, ‘Umrao Jaan’, ‘Vijay’, ‘Silsila’, ‘Southan’s Daughter’ and ‘Utsav’. He gave many hit films like ‘Khiladeon Ka Khiladi’. Rekha also won the National Award for Best Actress for her role as Tawaif in the film ‘Umrao Jaan’. In 2010, Rekha was honored with the Padma Shri for her contribution to Indian cinema. Although Rekha is away from acting these days, she is often seen at public events.

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