The drama you have created has made you a spectacle Rakhi Sawant, don’t just stay funny! – Why people don’t believe in Rakhi Sant and Adil Durrani wedding

Rakhi Sawant, has your own drama made you a spectator? Once again you are in the news of your marriage and this time people are not digesting it easily. Because you are. Every time you joked a lot about your marriage people lost faith in you. Perhaps what happened in the story of the woodcutter and the lion has happened to you. The woodcutter used to fool the villagers by shouting that the lion had come and that the villagers would come running every day to save him. One day the lion really came, but this time the villagers didn’t think it was a joke. So has the same happened with Rakhi? Rakhi mocked herself for being in the limelight.

People are in no mood to believe in Rakhi’s marriage

Rakhi Sawant, who entertains people with her unusual style, has already made people angry with her marriage news. Granted, people have given you the name drama queen, but that doesn’t mean you have to give it existence in your personal life as well. Alam is Adil Durrani who you posted pictures and videos of Nikah and now people are scared to believe him. People feel there is something black in the pea this time as it was during her (alleged) marriage with Ritesh Singh. Actually the end of that alleged marriage also happened as people think and that is why they are not ready to believe even the evidence of your marriage.

The groom king is missing from those wedding pictures

Rakhi, your marriage news has come up many times and now people are fed up. Once upon a time you were madly in love with Ritesh like you are with Adil today. Earlier, they had posted their entire wedding pictures in which only the groom was missing.

Sometimes Ilesh and sometimes Deepak Kalal what a drama it is

In fact, you might have started enjoying playing this marriage game ever since Rakhi’s Swayamvaram was kept on TV. The show also had a lot of drama and then she got engaged to Ilesh Parujanwala, the winner of the show, in 2010. And what happened was that when it came to marriage, both of them took their own paths. What happened after this was that even the marriage card was printed with Deepak Kalal! You might have thought that this marriage is a drama that can easily stay in the headlines. As soon as all this drama was over, Rakhi posted her wedding pictures on social media, in which she looks like a bride. A bonfire was shown in front of them for a circumambulation, and they showed everything seen in a picture at a wedding. There was only one drawback and that was that Varan Raja was not visible in all the photographs. Now people also started wondering who was that child and this is what she wanted.

Rakhi Sawant

‘Bigg Boss’ turned Rakhi’s support and showed her husband’s point of view

What’s interesting is that, to tell the truth about the marriage, Rakhi has been posting continuously, sometimes showing mangalsutras and sometimes fasting for her husband. Rakhi had said that she wants to spend her life with Ritesh and be the mother of his child, but people took it as a joke. Rakhi’s support is ‘Bigg Boss’, right, and the exercise to show the truth of their marriage has started on the show. Now that ‘Bigg Boss’ has taken on the responsibility of proving that Rakhi’s marriage is true, Bigg Boss has made Riteish the face that Rakhi could never bring before the public. Rakhi also said that her husband i.e. Ritesh doesn’t like media and cameras at all, so she doesn’t want to come in front of him. Ritesh suddenly decides to enter Bigg Boss where there are only cameras in every corner of the house. Bigg Boss also used this gimmick of Rakhi well and the audience was fooled. Ritesh’s first wife also appeared. Along with this, after the fact that Ritesh did not divorce his first wife, the question also arises as to how he married Rakhi. Well, Rakhi is Rakhi, Rakhi who vowed to live and die for Ritesh closed the Ritesh chapter from her life quite easily.

People don’t believe even these proofs of yours.

Now people are heaving a sigh of relief that Adil Durrani is the new goat. Even when Adil came into Rakhi’s life, who had broken up with her, the tears did not dry up. People were confused when they saw the two once again. However, many people liked this pair very much. The two often started appearing together in front of the paparazzi. Recently, on one hand, Rakhi was seen crying a lot as her mother suffered from brain tumor, while on the other hand, pictures and videos of Nikahnama with Adil were in the limelight. People are again stunned to see the news of life’s greatest sorrow and greatest joy together. When Rakhi gave proof by sharing the marriage documents, the groom Miyan said that he wanted 10 days to talk about the marriage. However, maybe it was because of his parents that Adi couldn’t admit it openly, but the truth is that it stuck in people’s throats like a bone. Rakhi, you have already created so much trouble about marriage and now you have made a joke of yourself.

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