Sunil Grover Photo Viral: Sunil Grover Spotted Selling Potatoes and Onions at Shop! People said- ‘Join Kapil Sharma’s show’

Sunil Grover, who makes people laugh sometimes as ‘Gutti’ and sometimes as ‘Doctor Mashoor Gulati’, shares such posts on his social media account as well, making his fans laugh. Sometimes they start selling milk and sometimes peanuts. This time he was seen selling potatoes and onions like Nana Patekar in the movie ‘Welcome’. His new post has gone viral. Users write very interesting comments on it.

You will laugh when you read the comments of the users.

Sunil Grover’s latest Instagram post is not only funny, you will laugh even if you read the comments people are making on it. TV actor Arjun Bijlani took a look at her expensive pants and wrote, ‘Pants to ballen siya ga ki lag rahi hai. Brother, how much did he pay? One user wrote the famous dialogue from the movie ‘Welcome’, ‘Take the potatoes, take the onions, no potatoes sold since morning, not half a shoulder.’ One even said, ‘Join the Kapil Sharma show, you don’t have to do that anymore’.

Sunil and Kapil had a fight

People’s comments on Sunil Grover’s post

It is interesting to note that Sunil Grover was a part of Kapil Sharma’s show for a long time, but the two had an on-air fight and till date there has been no reconciliation between the two. Kapil publicly pleaded with Sunil several times to come back, but Sunil did not listen.

Sunil Grover Video: Has Sunil Grover just started selling peanuts on the roadside? Surprised fans are asking questions after seeing the video

Sunil appeared in many movies and shows

After parting ways with Kapil Sharma’s team, Sunil Grover appeared in several shows and films. He recently acted in Amitabh Bachchan and Rashmika Mandana’s ‘Goodbye’. It is hinted that he is a part of Shah Rukh Khan’s movie ‘Jawan’.

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