Stray Cattle: Villagers took a unique initiative when government system failed, Yogi Sarkar Hardoi should see this example

Hardoi: Stray animals are troubling farmers in UP’s Hardoi district. Farmers must stand guard in the fields during cold nights to save their crops. In many places, villagers are creating chaos by locking cows in government schools, health centers and blocks. Meanwhile, Gram Sabha Behti villagers of Development Block Bawan have started a new initiative. Villagers have fenced here to control stray cattle. In this every day the cattle are locked in the evening and opened for grazing in the morning. In such a situation the farmers do not have to stand guard in the field overnight and chill in the field in extreme cold. Yogi government officials should see the example of this Hardoi village to control stray animals.

Since there are no cowsheds in Gram Sabha Behti of Vikas Khand Bawan, a large number of cattle roam freely here. These cattle enter the fields and graze the crops. Villagers have to guard the fields day and night to protect the crops.

Self-built fence by collecting donations
With no help from the government, the villagers came forward to solve the problem. Everyone collected donations and bought bamboo pandals and prepared the fence. In the evening, all the villagers gather together to drive the nomadic cattle, lock them in the barn and let them graze in the morning. Villagers Ramesh, Ghanshyam, Ramachandra and others said that there are Goshalas in all the nearby gram panchayats, but no Goshala has been constructed in their Gram Sabha and due to this stray animals are harming the fields. This action was taken by all the villagers as they did not get government help. Around 150 cows roam around the village, of which seventy to eighty cows are reared daily in this enclosure. The villagers said that they have taken this step but are afraid that the police administration is not taking any action.

People are praising this initiative of the villagers

The district has several villages with hundreds of stray animals. In many villages, villagers locked up animals in schools, health centers and blocks, causing panic. However, a strict stand was taken in this regard and cases were registered. On the other hand, people praise the initiative taken by Behti villagers. BDO informed that a proposal has been prepared in this regard and the construction of Goshala will start soon.

(Reporting by Sudhamshu Mishra)

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