Sreejitha De said I crossed the limits while talking about Tina Dutta and I regret it

As the finale of Bigg Boss 16 draws nearer, the house is rife. Sometimes when speaking on national TV someone gets angry over the smallest thing and sometimes violates all limits. This time the audience removed Sreejitha Dey from the house. Like everyone, Sreejitha De wanted to reach the finals and touch the finish line, but her dream of a wild card entry could not come true for the second time. She regrets the controversies with Tina Dutta and what was done about her on TV, but she does not blame herself for this. She says no hand claps. Because Tina talked a lot about me and so did I. However, I believe I crossed the line at that point. Let’s see what Sreejitha De had to say about the show and her family members in a conversation with NBT with Lucknow-based reporter Vertul Awasthi.

Want to sleep for 18 hours

After leaving the Bigg Boss 16 house, I have a lot to do. I wish I could sleep at least 18 hours. No one should disturb my sleep at this time. After that I must take the car and go out into the open air and sunshine. I haven’t had sunlight and open air for a long time. Now that I’m out, my first order of business is to try my favorite things. I got to eat my favorite things like pani puri and biryani. Actually, we don’t get pizza-burger, pasta etc in Bigg Boss house, so we miss all this a lot there.

Did a little homework last week

Every contestant has a journey and time in the Bigg Boss house. Maybe I missed the vote because my travel and time was over. As for the question of being fired because of lack of interest in housework, it is wrong. This is not a solid reason. Many do not work. I used to do everything like washing dishes and cooking food. Maybe I did a little homework last week because I had a knee injury at the time. I found it difficult to do chores like sweeping that day.

Priyanka Chowdhury found me right

I found Priyanka Chaudhary in the Bigg Boss house. My bond with him was very strong. I really like them. Her truth is that she is outspoken about what she feels is wrong. We both have a lot in common. Let’s say our perspective is somewhat similar. Like them, I say whatever feels bad, and stick to what feels right to the end. Because of this we had a very good relationship.

No planning activities

To be honest, there is no planning in the Bigg Boss house. As of today, you will plan something indoors and see something else tomorrow. All plans are put on hold as the other partners also make plans of their own. This time I did whatever felt right according to the flow. What can I say about why I was eliminated early the first time. Anyway, 14-15 days is too short to understand a competitor. Can you show your game in such a short time? Because of this, the audience voted for me without understanding it at first. They liked my energy better the second time I got home from the wild card entry. That’s why I got their support and was able to stay in the Bigg Boss house for longer.

Didn’t like Sajid Khan’s arrogance

Sajid Khan is playing well. Maybe they’ve watched the last few seasons. His game is awesome. I got along well with him. However, he has become hyper about dismissals in the past. His manner of speaking was boastful and I didn’t like it either. He probably assumed or was confident that he could make it to the finals. He must have thought he had the talent to make it to the finale, so he repeatedly said during the fight that no one could stop me from going there.

Complaints were taken from Tina while leaving the house.

You talked a lot about Tina Dutta in front of the camera and it made everyone’s ears perk up. Do you think this action of yours is correct? Sreejitha said – Right and wrong happen on both sides. Some in the house will be for you and some will be against you. This game is all about perception. There is no such thing as right and wrong, black and white. Some will try to understand your point of view and take your side, some will understand the other’s point of view and take his side. This is the theme of Bigg Boss show. Yes, I admit I crossed the line. Maybe I don’t need to talk so much inside the show and in front of the camera. Before leaving home, I wanted to leave all my sorrows there. He also said sorry to Tina about this. I told him you can never clap with one hand. You hurt my heart so much. You have said a lot about me. I didn’t say anything when I came earlier and you kept talking about me. Tears came when I went out and saw what was said about me. I felt bad and after coming again I also talked about you a lot. But that was all part of the game. Our complaints should end here. He also agreed to this. Maybe if it was anyone else I wouldn’t have talked so much, but he had a lot about me too.

Sreejitha wanted to go to the finals

Like everyone else, I wanted to reach the finals and touch the finish line, but not all wishes come true. My journey was only till here. I think either Priyanka or Shivan will be the winner of Bigg Boss this time.

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