Sreejita De: Sreejita D says ready to meet Tina Dutta’s mother – everything is fine, will provide all proofs with name

Sreejitha Dey was one of the lucky ones who got a chance to return to the show ‘Bigg Boss 16’. But alas, Sreejitha could not last long both times and ended up homeless. But all the days Sreejitha Dey stayed in the Bigg Boss house, her fights and revelations with Tina Dutta created a lot of news. In an episode of ‘Bigg Boss 16’, Sreejitha called Tina Dutta a ‘home breaker’. Along with this, some other things were revealed. Enraged by Sreejitha’s words, Tina Dutta’s mother asked the actress to show proof. Sreejitha has now reacted against this. Sreejitha Dey says she is ready to meet Tina’s mother to show proof.

Sreejitha D said this in an interview with our colleague ITEMS and he answered several questions. Not only this, he also apologized to Tina Dutta’s mother for his sharp words.

Sreejitha is about to give evidence to Tina’s mother

Accepting Tina Dutta’s mother’s challenge, Sreejitha De said, ‘I have no problem meeting Tina Dutta’s mother. I am ready to meet you and prove all the allegations if you want proof. But I want to say here that your attitude towards me on the show was very cold. Whatever you’ve seen on the show, I understand that being a parent has hurt a lot. But you also had a good relationship with me. Tina and I haven’t spoken to each other in the last 3 years. Tina talked about me on the show about things like that, it’s not necessary. He must have hurt my mother too.

‘Tina also said a lot about me’

Sreejitha Dey said, ‘If you put all this aside, our equation is still the same. I respect you a lot and I know you are my paternal sister. I am ready for all your questions. But Aunty, this Bigg Boss house is a place where one says a lot of negative things in anger. I must have crossed my limits and you must have been hurt. I apologize for that. But Tina has said a lot about me.

‘Everything about Tina is true’

Sreejitha said that on one particular occasion she said that she had called Tina a ‘home wrecker’. According to Sreejitha, Shaleen and Tina were wasting their time. Shaleen started really liking Tina but Tina was playing with him. Salman sir also said that Tina is playing with Shaleen’s feelings. So on that occasion I told Soundarya those things. I know Tina very well. When karma comes back it hurts a lot. It doesn’t matter if I don’t speak. Maybe I didn’t need to talk. But at that time Tina and I did not have any agreement. We were bitter.

Sreejitha Dey said everything she said about Tina Dutta on the show was true. Sreejitha said that Tina talked a lot about me in the initial weeks and she saw all that only after I got kicked out of the show. I felt bad for him. For the first 15 days I did not say anything wrong about Tina. But Tina tried to kick me out of the show. Talked about me like I was playing a dirty game. But what I said was true. I don’t think I hurt women in any way. What I said was true.

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Sreejitha De apologizes to Tina’s mother

Did Sreejitha Dey want Tina Dutta in ‘Bigg Boss 16’? She replied, ‘No. I didn’t do anything on the show with the intention of being in the game. If that was the case, I would have fought with Tina on purpose. I was sitting like this talking to Soundarya. I didn’t know it was going to air. I don’t need Tina Dutta in Bigg Boss. Rather, I don’t need anyone to survive on the show.

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