Shah Rukh Khan Pathan: For the first time, Shah Rukh Khan breaks his silence on ‘Besharam Rang’, sings ballads in praise of Deepika

Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone starrer Pathan is just days away. So far there has been a lot of news about this film. While some people made controversy with the song Besharam Rang from it, some raised questions against Shahrukh. But neither Deepika Padukone nor King Khan have commented on this. Even the makers have not given any official statement. But now Shah Rukh Khan has broken his silence about Pathan and Besharam Rang for the first time. He said many things in gestures. Let us show you the video of Shah Rukh Khan reacting to Pathan.

Yash Raj Films shared an interview of Shahrukh Khan related to Pathan. Where there are many questions, King Khan answers each one. He reacts to his co-stars John Abraham and Deepika Padukone. The fourth question in this interview was related to the song Besharam Rang. The song Besharam Rang was shot in Spain and how was your shooting experience, he was asked.

What Shah Rukh Khan had to say about Besharam Rang song

In this interview, Shahrukh Khan told everything about Pathan movie

King Khan said of Deepika Padukone that she is amazing. He also did a great job. Besharam needed someone like Deepika for Rang Song. Whose height and action were all perfect. When you see Pathan, you will understand how she dances well and does a lot of action.

Shah Rukh Khan also took his family to the shoot

Shah Rukh Khan said that Siddharth and the makers have chosen a very special location for this shoot. I myself have never seen such a location. It is a very beautiful place. I took the kids that day and they enjoyed it too.

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Shahrukh Khan said about John Abraham

Shahrukh Khan said that he has known John Abraham for many years. Both have met many times. A shy type of person. He is a great actor and very cool. The risk he took to become a villain was huge. I learned a lot from him in doing action scenes. In the beginning, he was shying away from scenes where he would kill me. Then he only said that he cannot kill me. I am sure John Abraham’s character will be well received when Pathan releases.

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