Salman Khan: Kubra Sait narrated the 12-year-old story of Salman Khan, who came 5 hours late and went to eat.

Kubra Sait of ‘Sacred Games’ fame has been making headlines for his bold statements. This time Bollywood’s Dabangg Khan expressed his displeasure with Salman Khan. In a recent interview, he spoke about his experience working with Salman Khan. Salman Khan and Kubra Sait acted in the 2011 film Ready. He said that Salman Khan often comes late for shooting. He arrived at 2.45 pm where the whole team and crew had arrived in the morning. The whole team was waiting for him. Let’s see what Kubra Sait had to say about Salman Khan’s behavior.

In a recent interview, Kubra Sait said that he used to leave the hotel at 5.30 am to shoot the film. I would go there with an apple. I used to ask him what happens for breakfast. So give me another apple. Earlier it was said that the shooting would start at 10 o’clock, then at 11… If we did this, it would be 12 o’clock, but we could not start the shoot.

When Salman came on the set, there was a lot of noise and shouting.

Kubra Saith said that he waited for hours and then at 2.45 there was a commotion on the set. You know the most important person has arrived. Everyone started mending their trousers. That’s when I got to know about Salman Khan’s arrival. We were shooting on a golf course. There were large windows. There Salman Khan came and bent his back and turned his head to both sides and asked ‘Lunch break?’ ,

Waited till 3 o’clock then what…

Kubra Sait recalls the incident with a smile. She tells how she ate an apple and waited for the shoot since morning. No trading took place till 3 o’clock. I thought why not do some work. But no.. we had lunch again.

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He said this while praising Salman Khan

But there is a positive side to everything, Kubra Sait said. Salman Khan is an actor who is very gentle with all his co-stars. His character is very sweet. I vividly remember that a huge dining table was set up for all the co-stars. He used to say that everyone eats together. So I really like this thing about him.

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